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Ángeles Sánchez-Elvira Paniagua

Brief CV in English

Degree in Psychology. UNED,1986. Phd in Psychology, UNED,1989
Senior Lecturer in Psychology (at degree, master and doctorate level) since 1991 at the Department of Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment, Faculty of Psychology. UNED:

  • Psychology of Individual Differences. Degree in Psychology
  • Tutoring Degree Final Work. Degree in Psychology
  • Scientific Bases of Sanitary Psychology. Sanitary Psychology Master
  • Positive Psychology and Optimal Human Functioning. Master in Research Psychology
  • Co-Director of UNED Summer Courses: Workshops and techniques for personal growth

Management positions

  • Director UNESCO Chair of Distance Educatio. February 2021

  • Faculty of Psychology UNED:
  • Vice-Dean of Methodology and Innovation. 2018

  • IUED, Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia (University Institute of Distance Education), UNED:
    • IUED Director: since 2019-
    • IUED Director: 2004-2013
    • IUED Deputy Director of teachers’ training: 2001-2004

    Main contributions

    • Design and direction for the new online training programs of UNED tutors and academic teams, induction and ICTs programs and EHEA adaptation programs. 
    • Design and coordination of the institutional UNED Induction Program for new students and its different actions, mainly online actions (2005-2013) such as:
    - Guided information on the UNED website for prospective students.
    - Virtual Induction Communities Program for each Faculty.
    - The Online Peer Support Program (CAR).
    - e-UNED First Steps Course (e-UNED Primeros Pasos; an online induction course for new students).
    • Design of methodological assessment procedures and rubrics for the quality assessment of UNED didactic materials and virtual courses adapted to the EHEA.
    • Participation in many national and international events on distance education and educative innovation.
    • Organization of 6 conferences on UNED research networks in teaching innovation and co-editor of the works presented and responsible for the website launch: http://congresos.uned.es/w5400
    • Member of the institutional team for the organization of the actions required for getting the EADTU E-xcellence quality label at UNED.
    • International counselling and training in distance education in different Latin-American countries (e.g. Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Panama and Brazil) .
    • Design and direction of the blended-learning version of the Iberoamerican Course of Distance Education (Curso Iberoamericano de Educación a Distancia CIED)

    - Director: XXII-XXIX editions (2005-2012)
    - Deputy Director: XIX-XXI editions (2001-2004)

    For an overview:

    • Academic Deputy Director and member of the designer team of the online Expert Course in Educational Administration (Curso de Experto en Administración de la Educación, MEC, UNED, OEI (8 editions)
    • Coordinator of the Training section of Ibervirtual Program (2012-2013). Ibervirtual is a project aimed in creating a framework for collaboration among Latin American universities of reference in distance education, to create instruments that could promote more inclusive higher education in the region. As a project attached to the summits of Latin American Heads of State and Government, it has been created to promote inclusive education through strengthening distance education in the framework of the Latin American knowledge area.The project belongs to AIESAD, the Ibero-American Association for Distance Higher Education.
    • Coordinator of the Student Support Field. EMPOWER project. EADTU.
    • Member of the Quality Assurance Field of experts. EMPOWER project. EADTU.
    • Member of the team of reviewers of e-Xcellence EADTU.
    • Coordinator of different institutional UNED networks of research on educative innovation in distance education:
    • RED PAV (Online Induction Plan).
    • RED Engáncha-TE (research on students'psychosocial profiles, academic performance and well-being)
    • RED CAR (online peer support for new students).
    • REDIferencial (Academic research on innovation in distance education applied to my own subject).
    • Other Courses and Open materials: 
    • UNED OCW Differential Psychology open resources webpage. Accesit in the first MEC-Universia OCW awards, 2008.
    • Designer and coordinator of the MOOC Basic Digital Competences (Competencias Digitales Básicas, UNED COMA, Miriadax, UNX), UNED 2012.
    • Curator of MOOC ICT for Teaching and Learning (TICs para Enseñar y Aprender, UNED COMA, Miriadax), UNED, 2012.
    • Main co-author of the course ECEAD (an online course for the development of self-regulated learning competences for studying at distance).
    • Member of the panel of experts of the report Technology Outlook for Latin American Higher Education 2013-2018.
    • Member of the team of experts who designed the online structure of the training program AcreditaT (Accreditation of Professional Competences acquired through work experience; UNED, Ministerio de Igualdad, Ministerio de Educación, Ministerio de Trabajo. 2010).

    Open access to more detailed activities and documents as IUED Director

    Current projects

    EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities)

    MUSACCES (Technology mediated accessibility to Museums)

    • Member of INADOC research group. UNED
    • Vicepresident of the Institutional Relationships Commission

    ANNETTE project

    Research information

    ORCID_ID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3007-3935


    Research Gate




    Twitter:  @asanchezelvira