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Se enumeran los artículos publicados en los cinco últimos años en revistas indexadas en el Science Citation Index Expanded.


Modular micro-trigeneration system for a novel rotatory solar Fresnel collector: A design space analysis.
A Sebastián, R Abbas, M Valdés, A Rovira.
Energy Conversion and Management (2021) 227, 113599.


Proposal of a new design of source heat exchanger for the technical feasibility of solar thermal plants coupled to supercritical power cycles.
MJ Montes, JI Linares, R Barbero, A Rovira.
Solar Energy (2020) 211, 1027-1041.

A new method for the selection of candidates for shading and blocking in central receiver systems.
G Ortega, A Rovira.
Renewable Energy (2020) 152, 961-973.

Analysis of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle with Recuperative Gas Turbine and Double Recuperative and Double Expansion Propane Cycle.
A Rovira, R Abbas, M Muñoz, A Sebastián.
Entropy (2020) 22 (4), 476.

Proposal and analysis of an integrated solar combined cycle with partial recuperation.
A Rovira, R Abbas, C Sánchez, M Muñoz.
Energy (2020) 198, 117379.

A fast and accurate methodology for the calculation of the shading and blocking efficiency in central receiver systems.
G Ortega, A Rovira.
Renewable Energy (2020) 154, 58-70.

Advanced thermodynamic cycles for finite heat sources: Proposals for closed and open heat sources applications.
A Rovira, M Munoz, C Sanchez, R Barbero.
Applied Thermal Engineering (2020) 167, 114805.

Potential Map for the Installation of Concentrated Solar Power Towers in Chile.
C Hernandez, R Barraza, A Saez, M Ibarra, D Estay.
Applied Thermal Engineering (2020) 167, 114805.

Optimization of a New Design of Molten Salt-to-CO2 Heat Exchanger Using Exergy Destruction Minimization.
MJ Montes, JI Linares, R Barbero, BY Moratilla.
Entropy 2020, 22(8), 883.

A novel supercritical CO2 recompression Brayton power cycle for power tower concentrating solar plants.
JI Linares, MJ Montes, A Cantizano, C Sanchez.
Applied Energy 263 114644.


Proposal of optimized power cycles for the DEMO power plant (EUROfusion).
A Rovira, C Sánchez, MJ Montes, M Muñoz.
Fusion Engineering and Design 148 (2019), 111290.

Performance of an Organic Rankine Cycle with two expanders at off-design operation.
M Ibarra, A Rovira, DC Alarcón-Padilla.
Applied Thermal Engineering 149 (2019): 688-701.

Design of a concentrating solar thermal collector installation for a hotel complex in Gran Canaria.
A Lozano-Medina, L Manzano, JD Marcos, AM Blanco-Marigorta
Energy 183, 803-811.

Latent thermal energy storage for solar process heat applications at medium-high temperatures – A review.
A Crespo, C. Barreneche, M Ibarra, W Platzer.
Solar Energy 192, 3-34.

Homogeneous equivalent model coupled with P1-approximation for dense wire meshes volumetric air receivers.
AL Avila-Marin, C Caliot, M Alvarez de Lara, J Fernandez-Reche, MJ Montes, A Martinez-Tarifa.
Renewable Energy 135, 908-919.


Comparison of different technologies for integrated solar combined cycles: analysis of concentrating technology and solar integration.
A Rovira et al.
Energies 11 (5) (2018), 1064.

A Solar Air-Cooled High Efficiency Absorption System In Dry Hot Climates.
JD Marcos, R Lizarte, F Varela, E Palacios, AM Blanco-Marigorta
Thermal Science 22, 2151-2162. https://

Optical features of linear Fresnel collectors with different secondary reflector technologies.
R Abbas, A Sebastian, MJ Montes, M Valdés
Applied Energy 232, 386-397.


Off-design analysis of a Hybrid Rankine-Brayton cycle used as the power block of a Solar Thermal Power Plant.
M Muñoz, A Rovira, C Sánchez, MJ Montes.
Energy. Aceptado para publicación, pendiente de asignación de número.
DOI: 10.1016/

Proposal and analysis of different methodologies for the shading and blocking efficiency in central receivers systems.
G Ortega, A Rovira
Solar Energy 144, 475-488

A new method for calculating conduction response factors for multilayer constructions based on frequency–Domain spline interpolation (FDSI) and asymptotic analysis.
JS Pérez, MA Chicote, F Varela, E Velasco Gómez
Energy & Buildings 148, 280-297.

The exergetic efficiency as a performance evaluation tool in reverse osmosis desalination plants in operation.
AM Blanco-Marigorta, A Lozano-Medina, JD Marcos.
Desalination 413, 19–28.

A critical review of definitions for exergetic efficiency in reverse osmosis desalination plants.
AM Blanco-Marigorta, A Lozano-Medina, JD Marcos.
Energy. Aceptado para publicación, pendiente de asignación de número


A new approach for the prediction of thermal efficiency in solar receivers.
R Barbero, A Rovira, MJ Montes, JMM Val.
Energy Conversion and Management 123, 498-511.

Thermoeconomic Coherence: A Methodology for the Analysis and Optimisation of Thermal Systems.
A Rovira, JM Martínez-Val, M Valdés
Entropy 18 (7), 250.

Performance model and thermal comparison of different alternatives for the Fresnel single-tube receiver.
MJ Montes, R Barbero, R Abbas, A Rovira
Applied Thermal Engineering 104, 162-175.

Thermal efficiency of direct, inverse and sCO 2 gas turbine cycles intended for small power plants.
M Valdés, R Abbas, A Rovira, J Martín-Aragón
Energy 100, 66-72.

Parabolic trough collector or linear Fresnel collector? A comparison of optical features including thermal quality based on commercial solutions.
R Abbas, MJ Montes, A Rovira, JM Martínez-Val
Solar Energy 124, 198-215.

Analysis and comparison of Integrated Solar Combined Cycles using parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel reflectors as concentrating systems.
A Rovira, R Barbero, MJ Montes, R Abbas, F Varela
Applied Energy 162, 990-1000.

COP optimisation of a triple-effect H2O/LiBr absorption cycle under off-design conditions.
R Lizarte, JD Marcos.
Applied Thermal Engineering 99, Pages 195–205.


Analysis and optimisation of combined cycles gas turbines working with partial recuperation.
A Rovira, C Sánchez, M Muñoz
Energy Conversion and Management 106, 1097-1108.

Proposal and study of a balanced hybrid Rankine–Brayton cycle for low-to-moderate temperature solar power plants.
A Rovira, M Muñoz, C Sánchez, JM Martínez-Val
Energy 89, 305-317.

Performance study of solar power plants with CO2 as working fluid. A promising design window.
J Muñoz-Antón, C Rubbia, A Rovira, JM Martínez-Val
Energy Conversion and Management 92, 36-46.

Simulation of the operation of a fleet of materials handling and transport vehicles, powered by fuel cells.
I Domínguez, A. Contreras, F. Posso, F Varela.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40, 7678–7688.


A direct numerical integration (DNI) method to obtain wall thermal response factors.
F Varela, S Aroca, C González, A Rovira
Energy and Buildings 81, 363-370.

Performance of a 5kW e Organic Rankine Cycle at part-load operation.
M Ibarra, A Rovira, DC Alarcón-Padilla, J Blanco
Applied Energy 120, 147-158.

Thermodynamic cycles optimised for medium enthalpy units of concentrating solar power.
A Rovira, C Rubbia, M Valdés, JM Martínez-Val
Energy 67, 176-185.

On the improvement of annual performance of solar thermal power plants through exergy management.
A Rovira, MJ Montes, M Valdes, JM Martínez Val, F Varela
International Journal of Energy Research 38 (5), 658-673.

A First and Second Thermodynamics Law Analysis of a Hydrogen-Fueled Microgas Turbine for Combined Heat and Power Generation.
F Toja-Silva, A Rovira
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 136 (2), 021501.

A comparative analysis of configurations of linear Fresnel collectors for concentrating solar power.
MJ Montes, C Rubbia, R Abbas, JM Martinez-Val
Energy 73, 192-203.