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Dr M. Teresa González Mínguez has been a lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages at the Spanish University of Distance Learning in Madrid since 2010 and a Secondary Education English Teacher since 1986 (IES Cervantes since 2009). She has worked extensively on E. E. Cummings publishing articles for Spring: The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society, B.A.B.E.L. – AFIAL, The Grove and Kóre. She has contributed to volumes such as Sites of Female Terror, Humor and Aspects Related to Linguistics and Translation, Cultural Studies and Literature, Focus on Old and Middle English Studies, Ausencias. Escritoras en los márgenes de la cultura and Mujeres en Guerra/Guerra de Mujeres en la Sociedad, el Arte y la Literatura and published Curso de Inglés para adultos.

She has delivered papers on Cummings, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Toni Morrison, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Rita Mae Brown, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and Leslie Marmon Silko in different international conferences. 
Her work on Canadian studies includes articles on Alice Munro such as “British Tradition and the Quest for Canadian Identity in Alice Munro’s Narratives.” 

Dr González has also reviewed publications on T. S. Eliot, Anglo-American theatre, detective fiction, Indian autobiographical writing and contemporary American literature. She has worked in other fields, such as studies about Jane Austen and Regency England, Australian English and its Culture, research projects for libraries and supervisions of books and organization of the Bilingual Programme for Secondary Education.