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Erasmus forms a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme; designed to promote mobility of students and teaching staff in Europe.


CRUE – Santander Hispanic Mobility Scholarships at UNED

Aimed at encouraging degree students to spend a semester of their studies at another Hispanic university by way of an agreement that guarantees mutual academic recognition.


Pilot Mobility Programme for students and young professionals

Enrolment open: "Pilot Mobility Programme for students and young professionals", financed by the Mediterranean Office for Youth. Enrolment period: 12 December 2010.

MAEC-AECID scholarships

The Spanish Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Ministry announces postgraduate scholarships. The scholarships are aimed not only at Spaniards that wish to study abroad, but also at foreign nationals wanting to study in Spain.


E-move Virtual Stay Abroad

The EADTU Virtual Mobility Project.


Other scholarships and educational assistance


Recruiting Erasmus

Recruiting Erasmus es un proyecto con el objetivo de facilitar el contacto entre empresas y estudiantes que actualmente cursan ó acaban de cursar estudios universitarios fuera de nuestras fronteras, por medio del Programa Erasmus ó cualquier otro programa de movilidad, y los estudiantes extranjeros que cursan estudios en España.


The FAROGLOBAL programme of work placements

Offers students in the later years of study the possibility of practical training in European, Asian, North American and Canadian companies.


Inter-American Bank of Development

Annual offering of scholarships and Summer work placements for young professionals.


The Argo scholarships

The Argo Project, developed within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci European Mobility Project, is aimed at graduates of any Spanish university, public or private. This project offers 800 training placements in European businesses, lasting an average of 6 months.


The OTRI work placements

The Office for Transference of Investigation Results (OTRI), dependant of the Vice-Chancellorship of Investigation, manages work placements in businesses.


Scholarships in France

Scholarships and educational assistance via the French Embassy in Spain.


International Student Card

Link to the ISIC web site with information on the benefits of carrying the International Student Identity Card and how to acquire it.