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Since academic year 2001-2002, management of the Erasmus grants has been the responsibility of the Vice-Chancellorship of Institutional and International Relations, through the Mobility Section of the Technical International Development Unit and with the help of the International Relations Service.

Erasmus is a sub-programme of the new Lifelong Learning Programme which covers the period 2007-2013 and replaces the Socrates, Leonardo de Vinci and eLearning programmes. In each sub-programme, help and financial support will be given to those projects that increase peoples' international mobility, encourage bilateral or multilateral associations or improve the quality of education and training systems through multilateral projects, for example innovation.

The Erasmus programme, attends to the educational needs of those in Formal Higher Education (this includes international work placements), as well as to the needs of the organisations providing the education and training.

Students wishing to participate in these activities at UNED should apply during the annual enrolment periods.


We are now building the English version of our site. More detailed information is found at the Spanish ERASMUS page or by e-mail: movilidad@adm.uned.es. Please, apologize for any inconvenience.