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To whom is UNED geared

Through its extensive distribution of centers, classrooms, libraries and professor-tutors throughout Spain and abroad, UNED puts at your disposal the services, qualifications and resources that any traditional university can offer; however, through UNED you have the freedom to reconcile work and family life with the educational improvement required by the knowledge society in a global world.

UNED is a university where distance is no object for the fact that, through its educational methodology, UNED is the only university that offers the possibility of obtaining formal qualifications adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) from anywhere in the world. Likewise, UNED is the only university with centers in the Americas, Africa, Europe and all the Autonomous Communities of Spain; finally, training at UNED is carried out using new technologies, principally the Internet.

Thus, the UNED methodology is designed and intended for everyone, especially, those who:

  • need or want to decide their schedules.

  • want to make work and study compatible and reconcile these with personal responsibilities.

  • need a second chance to access university training.

  • live far from a university.

  • have special difficulties in accessing face-to-face teaching.

  • want to following studies in Europe.

  • are every where.

  • want to upgrade their cultural or professional training.

  • want to combine different areas of studies.