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Distance Education System

UNED features the most complete and advanced methodology for distance learning, putting a whole range of measures and human resources at the disposal of students to enable autonomous learning tailored to their needs and schedules. Based on the use of active methodologies in which students are the protagonist of their own learning, this system is the underlying concept of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) for the training of professionals capable of taking up the challenges of the knowledge society.

UNED provides instruction by means of a distance learning modality characterized by the use of a specific didactic methodology. The methodology combines the use of print and audiovisual media with that of new technologies, especially virtual learning communities. There are also various systems of communication between professors and students as well as on-site assistance to students from professor-tutors at the Centers.

This methodology is detailed in the items below:

Human resources for student support
Printed, audiovisual and multimedia materials
Carrying out the in-person exams at the Associated Centers