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Where is UNED

The UNED campus is spread across Faculties, Colleges and Centers in Madrid and the extensive network of Associated Centers throughout Spain and abroad.

Although UNED is designed so that studying can be done when and where the student deems appropriate, significant on-site support is available to students at the 61 Associated Centers and the network of more than of 100 university lecture halls distributed throughout Spain´s Autonomous Communities. In addition, there are 14 centers (and 2 exam points) in 13 countries in Europe, America and Africa (visit UNED centers abroad - info in Spanish).

The Centers are units of UNED´s academic structure which serve as support for its educational system. Every UNED student must be attached to an Associated Center. Students can opt for the center they find most convenient, based on their place of residence or any other circumstance. The attachment is formalized upon completion of the registration forms.

The Associated Center is the regular channel through which face-to-face interaction between the University and the student takes place. The Center offers on-site tutoring, organizes the holding of examinations, and channels and provides information on those aspects pertaining to the student´s university activity. It also provides the student with support facilities such as a library, laboratories and computer rooms, as well as bookstores to purchase the recommended course preparation materials, including assessments for distance learning.