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University Master's Degrees (EHEA)

College of Computer Engineering Computer Systems and Languages

Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Principles, Methods and Applications

Systems and Control Engineering

Rechearch on Software Engineering and Computer System Engineering

Computer Engineering
College of Industrial Engineering Research in Industrial Technology

Research in Electrical, Electronic and Industrial Control Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Design Engineering

Information and Communication Electronic Systems

Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Sciences Chemical Science and Technology

Advanced Mathematics

Medical Physics

Physics of Complex Systems

Sciences in Agri-environmental and Agri-food Sciences
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Economic Research
Faculty of Political Science and Sociology Social Problems

Communication Culture Society and Politics

Politics and Democracy
Faculty of Law Government Intervention in Society

European Union

Fundamental Rights


Insurance Law

Human Rights

Public Management, Public Policy and Taxation

Acceso a la Procura

Health Administration and Management

Social Work, Welfare State and Social Intervention Methodologies

Family Law and Heritage

Cultural Law Research


Social Policies and Dependency

Policing in Europe

Strategic Border Management

Arbitration and Mediation: Alternative to Judicial Resolution of Conflicts

Legal Practice

Public Finance and Budget and Tax Administration

Faculty of Education Educational Treatment of Diversity

Communication and Education on the Internet

Innovation and Research in Education

Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

Strategies and Technologies for the Teaching Function in the Multicultural Society

Euro-Latinamerican Master's Degree on Intercultural Education

Career Guidance

Public Service Audiovisual Comunication Memory and Criticism of Education
Faculty of Philology Literary and Theatre Training and Research in the European Context

The Classical World and its Influence on Western Culture

Applied English Linguistics

Hispanic Literatures (Catalan, Galician and Basque) in the European Context

Language Science and Hispanic Linguistics

Dictionary Development and Quality Control of the Spanish Lexicon

French and Francophone Studies

Information and Communication Technologies for Language Teaching and Processing

English Literature and Culture and their Social Impact
Faculty of Philosophy Theoretical and Practical Philosophy

Anthropological Research and its Applications
Faculty of Geography and History Advanced Methods and Techniques of Historical, Artistic and Geographic Research

Contemporary Spain in the International Context

Faculty of Psychology Methodology of Behavioral Sciences and Health

Research in Psychology

Gutiérrez Mellado University Institute Peace, Security and Defense

Management of Contracts and Programs in Public Administration, with Particular Application in the Defense Area .