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Printed, audiovisual and multimedia materials

Printed materials (texts and study guides) specially designed for autonomous learning, and a very wide range of audiovisual and multimedia materials developed by UNED (videos, CDs, DVDs).

Audiovisual Media

Radio, educational television and the UNED Channel (online radio and TV - www.canaluned.com).

Virtual Community (Campus UNED-e)

UNED students are integrated into a broader virtual community where they have access to various online services that respond to their needs (e.g., virtual courses, virtual study communities and virtual library and administrative department). Each course has its own virtual domain with activities, supplementary materials, self-assessment tools, and chats and forums, allowing students to communicate with teaching staff, tutors and classmates. Students can also join online work and study communities formed by classmates at any Center.

All these services are directed towards the creation of virtual learning communities.

Possibility of carrying out in-person or online internships and career practicum

  • Laboratories in the Centers and at the Central Office.

  • Practicum in the Centers and at the Central Office.

  • In-person Practicum, arranged with institutions and centers.

  • Virtual Practicum, applying technologies for the furtherance of professional skills training.

Libraries, bookstores, and virtual bookstores

  • The best scientific publications in a magnificent Central Library in Madrid.

  • Online access to the bibliographic databases and electronic publications of the Central Library.

  • Library and Bookstore at the Centers.

  • The Virtual Library is a pioneering service offered by UNED that enables students to acquire the basic materials recommended in the guidelines of the different qualifications. Likewise, the Virtual Library facilitates rapid and efficient acquisitions by any internet user from the UNED Editorial Fund, the largest Spanish university publisher.