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Otras actividades

Research activity:

Research Area in Efficient and Sustainable Productive Systems: Product-Process Improvement considering the Human Factor, Ergonomics, Safety and Industrial Hygiene.

Research Area in Productive Systems: Development of internal logistics management models including maintenance management applying new methodologies within the 4th Industrial Revolution. Design and simulation of these models and transfer of the results for different sectors

Research Area in technologies and manufacturing processes for their selection and optimization

Research Area in Heritage and Industrial Archeology with various contributions to International Congresses

Several articles in International Journals with high Impact Index (JCR)

Various contributions to International Journals and Conferences

Several Doctoral Theses as Director

Several Theses, Master's Theses and End-of-Degree Projects as Director

Member of the Manufacturing Engineering Society (SIF)

Member of the Spanish Association of Project Engineering (AEIPRO)

An extract of the published articles is:

• Development of a Maintenance and Spare Parts Distribution Model for Increasing Aircraft Efficiency

• Predictive Sales and Operations Planning Based on a Statistical Treatment of Demand to Increase Efficiency: A Supply Chain Simulation Case Study

• Market-Oriented Procurement Planning Leading to a Higher Service Level and Cost Optimization

• Development of a pull production control method for ETO companies and simulation for the metallurgical industry

• Design and Simulation of a Capacity Management Model Using a Digital Twin Approach Based on the Viable System Model: Case Study of an Automotive Plant

• Design and Simulation of Production and Maintenance Management Applying the Viable System Model: The Case of an OEM Plant

• A cost-benefit ergonomics methodology applied to service industry with digital human modelling

• Application of an Instrumental and Computational Approach for Improving the Vibration Behavior of Structural Panels Using a Lightweight Multilayer Composite

• Novel Ergonomic Postural Assessment Method (NERPA) Using Product-Process Computer Aided Engineering for Ergonomic Workplace Design

• A Sustainable Evaluation of Drilling Parameters for PEEK-GF30

• Analysis of postural assessment methods in virtual simulation tools for manufacturing engineering

• Ergonomic applications in the early design stages for industrial process engineering.