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PhD in Classical Studies, PhD in Social History, BA in Classical Philology, Hispanic Philology and Law. His main research lines are Greek Religion and Mythology (especially Oracles and Pythagoreanism), Literature and Society in Late Antiquity (esp. Nonnus) and History of Platonism (esp. Laws and Neoplatonism). He has been Professor at the Department of Ancient History of UNED (2011-2017), and he has previously taught at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universität Potsdam (Germany). He has been visiting scholar or lecturer at Columbia University, Università di Firenze, CNRS (Paris), Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin), Université Paris-X Nanterre and Freie Universität Berlin, among other institutions. Author of more than twenty books –among them Oráculos Griegos (Alianza Editorial), Bakkhos Anax (CSIC), New Perspectives on Late Antiquity (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), Vidas de Pitágoras (Atalanta) or Breve historia de Bizancio (Alianza Editorial)- and more than fifty articles and book chapters in his specialty: among them, v. gr.,"Der Chor des Dionysos: Religion und Erziehung in Platons Nomoi", ZRGG 65.1 (2013) 1-17, “Mythische Vorbilder des sakralen Gesetzgebers bei Platon (‘Nomoi’ I-IV)”, ZRGG 62.2 (2010) 105-125, “Neoplatonic Form and Content in Nonnus”, in K. Spanoudakis (ed.), Nonnus of Panopolis in Context. Poetry and Cultural Milieu in Late Antiquity, Berlin, De Gruyter 2012 or “Dionysos and Christ as Paralell Figures in Late Antiquity”, in A. Bernabé et al. (eds.), Redefining Dionysos, Berlin, De Gruyter 2012. He has received awards such as the Prize of the "Pastor" Foundation for Classical Studies (2005) to his dissertation in Classical Philology or the Burgen Scholarship Award of the Academia Europaea (2014), dnd several grants and prestigious fellowships –“Juan de la Cierva” (2005), “Jose Castillejo” (2007), “Alexander von Humboldt” (2009), “Ramón y Cajal” (2011), "Beatriu Pinós" (2011), etc.–; and he has led, as principal investigator, numerous research projects with public funding, participating as a collaborator on many other at a regional, national and european level. He is a member of the editorial board of several journals and collections of monographs (Res Publica Litterarum or Perspectivas Séneca, at Dykinson Publisher) and of research groups. He is advisor for Classical Antiquity for the magazine Historia National Geographic.

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