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BIAS: Publications and theses

Forthcoming publications

David Teira,"On the impartiality of British trials", Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 44.3 (2013), 412-418

David Teira, “A contractarian solution to the experimenter’s regress”, Philosophy of Science (PSA 2012)

David Teira, “Blinding and the Non-Interference Assumption in medical and social trials”, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 43.3 (2013), 358-372

David Teira & Julian Reiss, “Causality, Impartiality and Evidence-Based Policy”, in H-K Chao, S-T, Chen & R. Millstein, Mechanism and causality in biology and economics, N. York, Springer, 2013 207-224

David Teira, Review of Catherine Will & Tiago Moreira, eds, Medical Proofs, Social Experiments. Clinical Trials in Shifting Contexts (Ashgate, 2010). Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 33.5 (2012), 383-386

David Teira, Review of Phil Dawid et al., eds., Evidence, Inference and Inquiry (OUP, 2012), British Journal of Philosophy of Science 64.3 (2013), 665-668

David Teira, Review of Peter Stone, The Luck of the Draw: the Role of Lotteries in Decision Making (OUP, 2011), Economics & Philosophy 29.1 (2013), 139-142

Clinton P. Davis-Stober & Jason Dana, "Comparing the accuracy of experimental estimates to guessing: a new perspective on replication and the “Crisis of Confidence” in psychology", Behavioral Research Methods, forthcoming

Jason Dana, María Jiménez-Buedo et al, eds, Experiments in economics and in philosophy,Special issue of  Economics and Philosophy 29.2 (2013

 A. Diaz, M. Jiménez-Buedo & D. Teira, "Quasi- and Field experiments", commissioned for the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition, edited by James Wright,

Cristian Saborido, María González Moreno y Juan Carlos Hernández, “Biological Normativity Beyond Clinical Normalcy”, in E. Giroux et al., eds., Naturalism in philosophy of health, Springer, forthcoming

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Working papers

Luis Ramiro, Laura Morales, María Jiménez Buedo.“Assessing the Electoral Payoffs of Partisan Mobilization. A Field Experimental Study of the 2011 Spanish Local Elections.” Under review.

María Jiménez-Buedo. “Attributing Expertise in Uncertain Times.”

María Jiménez-Buedo. “The Last Dictator? Experimenter Effects in Experimental Economics.”

María Jiménez-Buedo. “Reflexivity and Experiments in the Social Sciences: Reconsidering the Hawthorne Effect.”

María Jiménez-Buedo. “Internal and External Validity: Implicit Assumptions about Causality and Experiments.”


Ph.D. dissertations

- María González on Disease mongering and the biofunctional definition of disease (Advisor: D. Teira)

- Maria de Miguel on the role of Key Opinion Leaders in biomedical research and marketing (Advisor: D. Teira)

- Francisco Molina on interactive kinds and the definition of homosexuality as diseasein Spanish Francoist psychiatry (Advisors: Francisco Vázquez [U. Cadiz] and D. Teira)

Master Theses

- Xevi Casas on Pharmaceutical research and the cure of neglected diseases (Advisor: D. Teira) | Defended: July 2012