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Despacho / Room: 1.27
Edificio / Building: E.T.S. Ingenieros Industriales (UNED)
Dirección postal: Juan del Rosal, 12 (Ciudad Universitaria, 28040-Madrid)
Correo electrónico / E-mail: smartin @

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Sergio Martín Gutiérrez is Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at UNED, working in the Industrial School. He started in 2002 as researcher at UNED and in 2007 he started as lecturer in different categories: first as Ayudante (assistant professor), then as Ayudante Doctor (Doctor assistant professor), Profesor Contratado Interino (interim associate professor), Contratado Doctor (associate professor), and, since March 2019, as Profesor Titular de Universidad (Associate Professor - Civil servant).

His teaching work is focused on the field of digital electronics, microcontroller programming and the Internet of Things. His research activity focuses on the field of educational innovation applied to engineering, particularly on-line (virtual and remote) laboratories, as well as in the Internet of Things and mobile-ubiquitous systems.

The main scientific-technical objectives at mid-long term is to continue the research on educational technologies, especially on on-line labs to go on improving the services and didactic resources provided to his students. For that task, he is leading a group of international researchers to analyze the technology trends likely to impact engineering education. He is the chair of the Engineering Education Technologies Report (EERT) since 2011, supported by IEEE Education Society. He has also been the co-principal investigator of 3 Horizon Reports dedicated to STEM. As one of the most prominent topics to work on a mid-long term he has identified the development of tools to facilitate the adoption of the new standard defined for on-line laboratories. He has arranged a group of international specialists that participated in its definition to leader its future development. This work is expected to have a high-impact on the development of future didactic materials in STEM disciplines.

Teaching activity:

• 2 recognized teaching five-year periods. Last one granted until 30/09/2017
• 5 subjects currently as currently responsible teacher
• 2 textbooks published on Digital Electronics
• 54 Final Master's Thesis / Final Degree Projects / Degree directed and 13 in progress
• 150 multimedia teaching recordings made
• 16 remote laboratories and 189 virtual laboratories developed / directed (as coordinator)
• 21 MOOCs since 2012 (most of them as coordinator)
• 58 continuing and vocational training courses given (most of them as coordinator/director)
• 19 teaching innovation projects

Research activity:
• 2 six-year research granted (last one granted until 31/12/2018)
• 26 awards received (in 14 years)
• +200 published articles: 25 JCR journals + 25 other journals + 150 conferences
• 10 research-oriented books
• 5 patents / software intellectual property registration
• 36 research projects (1 European project as IP)
• 20 contracts art. 83 with companies / institutions (3 as IP)
• +20 mobile applications developed. stands out with 81,871 downloads

Departmental Activity and Academic Management:
• Coordinator of the University Master in "Investigación en Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y Control Industrial" at UNED - since January 2019.
• Department Deputy Director (Subdirector). Industrial School. UNED - since July 2019.
• Secretary of the University Master in "Investigación en Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y Control Industrial" at UNED - from October 2017 to January 2019.
• Coordinator of Final Degree Projects, Master Thesis and PhDs of the department. Industrial School. UNED - from April 2014 to March 2019.

Awards (26 awards and recognitions in 14 years):
• GOLC Online Laboratory Award 2019 (Global Online Laboratory Consortium) for the "Best Simulated Experiment 2019".
• 3 Best practices Award. UNED. Obtained in 2016, 2018 and 2020
• 2 Best PhD Award in 2010: eMadrid Consortium and UNED.
• 8 Best conference paper: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012 (x4), 2019
• 4 Leadership and achievement activity Awards in IEEE: 2011 (x3), 2017, 2018
• 3 Students' PhDs and Master Thesis Awards: 2015, 2019 (x2)
• 2 Entrepreneurial Awards: 2011 and 2016
• 2 EU project recognitions: 2018 (x2)