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Modalidad Semipresencial - INGLÉS ELEMENTAL A1

2014/2015 / Código de idioma : 04790003

Modalidad Semipresencial - INGLÉS ELEMENTAL A1



Contenidos funcionales

Greetings and introductions:

                Welcome: to introduce yourself

                To ask about personal information: What’s your address?; Where are you from?

                To ask about how to say a word/sentence in English: How do you say this?

Exchanging information: asking about different issues, such as:

                What do you do?

                What’s your phone number?

                What day is it today?

                What is that?

Family and friends:

                To introduce your family

                To understand others introducing their families

How much? How many?

                To ask about the price of something

                To talk about leisure, such as concerts or a party.

                To talk about food and customs

To tell someone more about you:  

                Where you are from

                Where you live

                What you need/like

To describe daily routines:

                Meeting new neighbours

                To talk about what you do during the day

                To talk about what you do during the weekend

To talk about things we can/we cannot do: 

                To ask for permissions

                To ask for possibilities

                To talk about abilities

To talk about what we do:

                At the moment we speak

                In the near future

Vocabulary contents:

To talk about:

                Computer parts


To tell someone what work you do

To ask about marital status

To compliment someone

To describe someone

To greet someone

To introduce someone

To talk about:



To ask for the price of something

To buy:


                Tickets for a concert

                Make a salad

To talk about:

                A band






Contenidos gramaticales

Verb To Be:

-Positive and Negative, Long and Short Forms

                              Verb Can:


                                             -Other uses

                              Like/Love + verb + -ing


-Yes/No questions and Short Answers






-How much/How many


Possessive Adjectives:

-my, your…

-Saxon Genitive: Possessive s (‘s)


-on, at, in



-Positive and Negative


-Positive and Negative

There is/There are:

-Positive and Negative

-Yes/No Questions and Short Answers

Like/Love + Verb + ing

Present Simple:

-Positive and Negative

-Yes/No Questions and Short Answers

-Auxiliary verb do/does

Adverbs of Frequency

Present Continuous:

-Positive and Negative, Long and Short forms         


Contenidos léxicos



Numbers: cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers: 1st- 20th

School supplies

Personal details: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, countries, nationalities, cities

Food: mealtimes, breakfast foods, salad recipes

Computer workstation


The family



Home: rooms in a home; household items

Time: times of the day, days of the week, months, birthdays, seasons,

Daily routines


Free-time activities: party plans, parties, concerts, food

Hobbies: the Arts, sports, musical instruments




Feeling sick


Contenidos fonéticos:

Word stress.

The vowels /əυ/, /Λ/.

The consonants.

3rd person Simple Present Tense endings /s/-/z/-/Ιz/.

The vowels /ə/ /æ/ /ɑ:/

The vowels /i:/ - /ɪ/.         

The vowels / æ/  /ɒ/.

Pronunciation of the Simple Past endings /t/ - /d/ - /Id/.

The stressed syllables.

Pronunciation of the sounds /θ/ and /δ/.

Pronunciation of the sounds /w/ and /h/.

The vowel /ɒ/ and the diphthong /əυ/.

The schwa /ə/.    

Comparison between long and short vowels.

Comparing some vowels.

Rising and falling intonation practice.