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Modalidad Semipresencial - INGLÉS BÁSICO A2

2016/2017 / Código de idioma : 04790018

Modalidad Semipresencial - INGLÉS BÁSICO A2



Contenidos funcionales

Ask about a tourist attraction
Ask about hotel facilities
Ask where someone is / is from
Ask about past experiences and events
Ask / talk about the weather
Go through questions in a questionnaire / survey
Describe a hotel room
Describe how you feel
Describe actions that are happening
Describe routines
Describe / report a burglary
Describe pictures
Excuse yourself / apologize
Greet someone
Thank someone
Introduce yourself
Ask a favour
Spell a name
Talk about likes and dislikes
Talk about professions
Talk about art, sports and free time
Talk about / order food
Talk about animals
Talk about cooking
Talk about the past, past experiences and events
Talk about the future and future plans
Talk about things we must / mustn’t do
Talk about things we should / shouldn’t do
Talk about things you have / haven’t done
Talk about dreams
Talk about your interests
Give directions
Give someone your location
Express disappointment
Keep in touch
Shopping for clothes
Say goodbye to a friend
Take a phone message
Read texts of various topics: people, hotels, tourist attractions, past events, future plans
Read texts of various genres and formats: biographies, letters, postcards, reports, menus, ads, resumes     (CVs), interviews, emails, blogs
Write texts of various genres and formats: postcards, directions / instructions, reports, emails, notes, itineraries
Fill in order forms

Contenidos gramaticales

To Be
Possessive Adjectives
Like / Love + Noun
Like / Love + Verb + -ing
A / An / Some / Any
Have / Has
There is / There are
Present Simple Present Continuous
Stative Verbs
Was / were: positive and negative; yes / no questions
There was / There were: positive and negative; yes / no questions; wh-questions
Past simple: regular / irregular verbs; positive and negative; time expressions; yes / no questions and short answers; wh-questions
Future Simple (will): positive and negative; yes / no questions and short answers; wh- questions
Future (Be going to): positive and negative; questions
Present continuous with future meaning
Should: positive and negative; questions
Must / mustn’t / can / should
Object pronouns
Present Perfect: positive (since / for); negative (already / yet / never); yes / no questions; wh-questions
Comparatives I and II Superlatives I and II
Adverbs and their comparison

Contenidos léxicos

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.
Hotels, facilities, services
Tourist attractions
Routines and habits
Directions Body
Illness and injury     
Rooms in an apartment
Theft (and its investigation)
Sports and competition
Telephone language  

Contenidos fonéticos

Comparing vowels Simple Past Tense endings /t/ /d/ /Id/
Silent syllables/letters in words
Stressed syllables and words (intonation)
Elision of consonants
Comparison between want and won’t
Stressed words in sentences (intonation)
Pronunciation of stressed words
Pronunciation of questions (intonation) Was-were
Main stress on words or phrases
Stressed words in sentences
Comparing /d / and /j/
Pronouncing both, either and neither.