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Modalidad Semipresencial - INGLÉS AVANZADO B2

2016/2017 / Código de idioma : 04790037

Modalidad Semipresencial - INGLÉS AVANZADO B2



Contenidos funcionales:

• Comparing and speculating
• Talking about yourself and your interests
• Talking about your education and future plans
• Expressing your opinion
• Agreeing and disagreeing
• Reaching a conclusion
• Justifying your opinion
• Interacting with a partner
• Expressing preferences
• Writing engaging openings
• Describing places using adjectives
• Writing good paragraphs with topic sentences
• Using linking words for contrasting ideas
• Making suggestions
• Using informal language
• Making recommendations
• Giving supporting details
• Using formal language
• Using linking words for giving examples and adding information
• Describing a person
• Writing descriptions
• Communicating feelings using adjectives and expressions
• Using headings
• Summarizing ideas in a closing paragrapgh
• Using linking words for introducing facts and showing purpose


• Identifying the topic of a text
• Understanding meaning from context
• Identifying main ideas
• Finding specific information and location details
• Following the development of events
• Comparing and constrasting
• Drawing inferences
• Understanding referencing
• Understanding cause and effect
• Recognizing attitude, opinion and point of view
• Finding keywords
• Predicting what to listen for
• Listening for paraphrasing
• Being careful of distractors
• Idenifying the speakers and the topics
• Identifying opinions
• Finding keywords in the choices
• Listening for paraphrasing

Contenidos léxicos:

• Travel and Tourism
• Man & Animal
• Education
• Food & Nutrition
• Entertainment
• Media Today
• Family Relationships
• Sports
• Nature & The Environment
• Changes and Challenges

Contenidos gramaticales

• Present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple, present perfect continuous, stative verbs.
• Prepositions of time, place and movement.
• Past simple, past continuous, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous, present perfect simple/past simple.
• Used to/Would
• Future simple, Fufure continuous, future perfect simple, be going to, present simple/continuous with future meaning.
• Adjectives and adverbs, comparatives and superlatives
• Modals, semi-modals and modal perfects.
• Passive
• Causatives
• Reported Speech
• Special structures: had better, would rather, prefer, it's time, it's high time, it's about time, etc.
• Conditionals/Wish
• Temporals
• Gerunds and infinitives
• Be/Get used to
• Special interrogative forms, Tag questions, inversions
• Relative Clauses
• Adverbs of probabilty
• Special structures: so/such, too/enough
• Determiners: both, each, one, all, etc.
• Expressions
• Phrasal verbs

Contenidos fonéticos

• Intonation, stress and rhythm
• Consonant and vowel sounds
• Past forms
• Silent letters

Nota: puesto que los materiales didácticos del CUID son materiales recomendados, esta lista es meramente orientativa. En los exámenes se exigirán los contenidos correspondientes al nivel B2 según el MCER.