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Modalidad Semipresencial - ESPAÑOL BÁSICO A2

2016/2017 / Código de idioma : 04910015

Modalidad Semipresencial - ESPAÑOL BÁSICO A2



Our model:  100% e-learning effectiveness

- Online materials

Designed by experts in the teaching of Spanish with the most advanced technology. Each course requires approximately 150 hours of study, distributed over 15 units. Every unit is composed of 6 sections:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Communicative functions
  • Pronunciation & spelling
  • Learning outcome

- Interactive communicative approach,

“Learning by doing”. Every unit begins with a chapter of a sitcom  created by a professional film director, and a set of actors who are native speakers of Spanish. In addition, dozens of animated mini-videos, and hundred of activities provided with an automatic correction mechanism, as well as images, audios and texts.

- Monitoring and assistance by Spanish University teachers with experience in Spanish as a Foreign Language, through forums, chats and virtual meetings.

- Our own virtual learning platform, with supplementary teaching materials and optional learning activities

- Activities of self-assessment, and continuous assessment

- Face-to-face final assessment