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One of the services offered by UNEDasiss for access by international students to the Spanish universities is recognition of subjects, consideration of the classes taken by students in their home education program for assessment by universities in their admission procedure. This accreditation service may be requested by students of the European Union or those from countries having reciprocity agreements that have completed studies equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate and that are included in Annex I of the regulations.

Recognition of subjects may only be requested for courses taken as of the 2016/2017 course year. The validity of this recognition for the purpose of assessment by universities is that of two academic courses as of the course year in which the course was taken.

Prior to requesting the recognition, students should be informed as to whether or not the destination university will assess these recognized courses or if they demand that PCE exams be taken. They should also determine whether or not the recognized courses are always assessed or only in those cases in which they are from an external assessment carried out in the home country.

The recognition of subjects service is appropriate in cases in which the Spanish universities that the student wishes to attend decide to assess the acquired competencies of specific course areas or of those that have taken external assessment tests in their home countries that are equivalent to the Spanish second year Baccalaureate studies that are the subject of assessment of the Baccalaureate for access to the university. In this way, double assessment is avoided for those studies in which the student has already demonstrated their competencies in their home country’s education system.

It is possible to consult the subjects from the education system until the date that they were the object of study, in the following link and they are also available through the accreditation request application.

In the case in which a student wishes to request the recognition of a subject that has not yet been studied, they may request it through the application accreditation requests and they should provide the following documentation:

• The curriculum of the subject taken in the home country, translated to Spanish or English.
• Certified copy of the academic transcript that includes the course that was taken.
• Indication of the web page in which it is possible to consult the original curriculum of the subjects.

The UNED shall only carry out a study of equivalence for those subject areas that are offered as PCE. In the case in which the necessary documentation is received after the 1st of May, UNEDasiss cannot guarantee the resolution of the course recognition prior to the date of university registration.