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What services are offered?

UNEDasiss offers different accreditation services for the admission to degree-level university studies in Spain.
Students may select the services that they need in order to comply with the requirements of the admissions procedures for Spanish universities. The services that may be selected depend upon the education system of origin and the type of studies undertaken.
In the resulting accreditation, UNEDasiss offers information on the services requested by student that have been positively assessed.
The management of accreditation requests may be conducted in an individual manner or through any of the entities that collaborate with the UNED in this area. You may consult the listing of collaborating entities at the following link.

Verification of requirements for admission to Spanish universities

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• Consists of the review of documentation provided by the student in order to verify whether or not it complies with the requirements for admission to Spanish universities.

• This service is intended for those students who do not need an admissions score to initiate the studies that they are seeking out and who access it via the homologation of their studies to the Spanish Bachillerato or via other specific means of access of EU educational systems or those with agreements.

Admissions score

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• Consists of the calculation of a maximum rating of 10 points with which the students may participate in the Spanish university admissions procedure, for the case of studies with competitive concurrence.

• For EU stiudents or students from systems with a reciprocity agreement in the area, who comply with the admissions requirements in their country of origin, this calculation is made with the results obtained from exams or academic transcripts in the educational system of origin.

• For the remaining international students, this rating is obtained with a maximum weighting of 60 % from the marks obtained on the academic transcript and 40% from the specific competency exams carried out in the UNED.

Bachillerato mode

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•Consists of establishing a relationship between the courses completed or the exams taken by the students and the branch of degree studies that they are going to initiate.

• For more information on how to obtain a Bachillerato mode, consult the following link.

Specific competency exams (PCE)

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• These are exams on specific subjects that have the objective of assessing student competencies in the area.

• For students from outside of the European Union, each subject that is passed shall serve to improve their university admissions score.

• The specific PCE passed (it is considered to be passed when a score equal or greater than 5 is achieved) may be taken into account by the Universities in their admissions procedure.

• In 2017 there will be two holdings of the PCE, one between the months of May/June and another in September.

• You may consult the offering of Specific Competency Exams in the following link.

• Students may take a PCE for a maximum of 4 courses to be selected from those offered.

Recognition of courses passed in your educational system

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• Students from the European Union or educational systems with reciprocity agreements that have passed their studies that are equivalent to the Spanish Bachillerato may request the recognition of the courses passed in their own educational system as being equivalent to the Spanish Bachillerato courses.

• The granting of this recognition may have the same value as the completion of the specific competency exams (PCE) for these courses, although this depends on the specific admissions criteria of each destination university.

• For more information on the recognition of courses, consult this link

Language accreditation

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• Consists of the verification of language competencies within the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

• Only those entities, languages and levels that are recognized by the Spanish Association of Higher Level Language Centres shall be accredited. These may be consulted in the link in the following section Tablas de certificados admitidos por ACLES.