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Universities ascribed to UNEDasiss

The UNED has signed a collaboration agreement with "CRUE Spanish Universities", so that all Spanish universities can use the accreditation of UNEDasiss for the access and admission of international students to undergraduate studies. However, the student must bear in mind that the final decision on the use of the UNEDasiss accreditation depends solely and exclusively on each of the universities, as well as the specific admission criteria that each of them will apply.
The student must consult at the University of destination if the UNEDasiss accreditation is valid for admission to that university and if it must meet any specific admission criteria.

Before submitting your application you should consider that the admission criteria of the universities are not yet available, if you have doubts to complete your application, it is recommended to wait until the final admission criteria of the possible destination university are published. The admission criteria will be updated in our website.