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How to deliver the documentation

The required documentation should be delivered via the following means:

Processing through a collaborating entity:

If you choose to process your application via a collaborating entity, you should contact the entity directly so that they inform you on how to present the documentation before proceeding with its submission.

If residing in Spain:

• In person, in the UNEDasiss office in Madrid. In order to present the documentation, they should bring the original and a copy of the required documents. The hours of public attention are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.

• At any of the registration assistance offices, which may be found in the following link. Take the original documentation to these offices and indicate that it is directed to, Sección de Acceso PAU código: U02800160 de la UNED.
It is advisable to bring a copy of each document (without staples or binding), in addition to the original document, to expedite the process.

* Attention: Before going to an UNED Centro Asociado to present the documentation, it is important to consult if the center is authorized to collect documents, since some of them have not been authorized yet.

If residing abroad:

• Via regular mail or courier service, accompanying the documentation with a copy of the application receipt, to the following address:

Calle Juan del Rosal, 14 (CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA)
28040 MADRID. España

Deliveries sent by regular mail shall take between 10 and 15 days to be received by UNEDasiss, when being sent from Europe and longer when sent from other countries.

• Via diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain located abroad. Please consult with the diplomatic office for the amount of time that it shall take for the documentation to reach UNEDasiss.