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Qualification for admission

EU students or countries with reciprocity agreement

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• With studies of provenance equivalent to the baccalaureate or FP in Spain. • Students with studies of origin other than the baccalaureate or FP in Spain but who meet the requirements of access to the University in the country of origin.

Students who can homologate their studies to the Spanish baccalaureate

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The qualification for admission is obtained with a maximum weight of 60% of the grades obtained in their academic record and 40% with the Tests of specific competences carried out in the UNED.

The formula to be applied will be:

Qualification for admission = (0.2 x NMB 4) 0.1 x M1 0.1 x M2 0.1 x M3 0.1 x M4

• NMB = Average grade of Bachillerato.
• M1-4 = Better qualification obtained up to four specific competency tests (PCE) made in the calendar year of the call, provided they are different subjects and obtain at least a score of 5 out of 10. In no case will be taken into account for the calculation of admission qualification, grades obtained in tests of previous years or more than 4 PCE.


Rating = (0.2 x NMB 4) 0.1 x M1 0.1 x M2 0.1 x M3 0.1 x M4

NMB = 8 grade obtained after applying the tables and formulas of Resolution 29 of April 2010 of the Secretary of State for Education and Vocational Training

PCE June call:
English: 6.5
Mathematics: 4
Physics: 7
Geology: 9
Score = (0.2 x 8 4) 0.1 x 6.5 0.1x 7 0.1 x 9 = 7.85

PCE September call:
English: 6
Mathematics: 5
Biology: 5.5
Physics: 8
Score = (5.6) 0.1 x 9 0.1 x 8 0.1 x 6.5 0.1 x 5.5 = 8.5
PCE notes taken into account: Geology of June, Physics of September, English of June and Biology of September.
In no case would be taken into account PCE of previous years for the calculation of the qualification for admission.