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Clara Bueno-Suero

PhD student

I hold a BA in Philosophy from the University of Oviedo (2016, First class honours) and an MA in Logic and Philosophy of science from the University of Salamanca (2018).

I have held different fellowships. In my final undergraduate year in Oviedo, I took part in a departmental project about attitudes towards and knowledge about abortion among undergraduate students, thanks to a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education. A JAE-Intro internship allowed to spend a couple of months in Madrid working in a project about visual epistemology at the Department of Science, Technology and Society (CSIC, the Spanish Research Council). I also had an excellence scholarship awarded by the Spanish Ministry of education for completing my MA in Salamanca.

I am now working on a PhD thesis at the Department of Logic, History and Philosophy of science at UNED (the Spanish Open University), under the supervision of David Teira, thanks to a Spanish Ministry FPU scholarship. I am broadly interested in controversies on science and values. In my Master thesis I explored the purported incompatibility of scientific progress and non-democratic regimes through a case study on scientific research in Spain under Franco’s dictatorship (supervised by Amparo Gómez).

Since July 2017 I am the managing editor of the philosophy journal El Basilisco, Revista de materialismo filosófico