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Curso 2019/2020/Subject's code26602603



For organizational purposes, the Master’s Final Dissertation has been designed as another subject in the Master’s curriculum. It consists in the conduct of academic research and the writing of an original dissertation. In order to obtain the 10 credits assigned to this subject, students must:

-         Be enrolled in the subject called “Master’s Final Dissertation”

-         Have successfully completed the other 50 credits of the Master’s Degree

-        Write an original dissertation on one of the topics related to the various subjects of the Master’s curriculum. This means the research topic must relate to the general framework of the subject imparted by the Director of the dissertation.

The Master’s Final Dissertation must be defended by students in a public session before an Assessment Committee (hereinafter, Committee) composed of three members. This academic session will be held at the headquarters of UNED, Faculty of Law, c/ Obispo Trejo, 2, 28040 – Madrid, Spain.

All students attempting to complete their Dissertation will be assigned a Director to guide their progress and oversee the academic quality of their Final Master’s Dissertation.

Once the Dissertation has been completed by its author, and approved by the Director, it will be sent to the Secretary of the Master’s Degree and distributed to the members of the Committee, at least 15 days before the scheduled date for the public session.

The date of the session for the public defence will be established in advance and announced to all interested students through the aLf platform.