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Curso 2019/2020/Subject's code26620118



At the end of the Master Dissertation completion, students will be able to:

Use tools and techniques to evaluate research practices in border management, maximize the use of resources and approaches, to combine a balance between the objectives of the organization to which the student belongs with the expectations of the other parties national, European and international stakeholders

Apply their professional and research competencies, through the elaboration of an extensive critical analysis of the related information / data in order to make evidence-based recommendations to improve border security in the European context after a process of researching effectively, being able to communicate their techniques, search and analysis, in multi-professional, transnational and multicultural contexts

Present the information in a concise, precise and logical way

Produce, defend and discuss a Master's thesis (TFM)

Work effectively in research projects, independently and in collaboration with the members who have the responsibility of border security management of own States and other States