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Other Activities

Laura Ponce de León Romero

Associate Professor of Social Work and Social Service. Department of Social Work
Faculty of Law National Distance Education University (UNED)
C/ Obispo Trejo, 2, Office 030. 28040 Madrid (Spain)
Tel .: (+34) 91 398 92 23 Fax: (+34) 91 398 95 51
E-mail: lponce@der.uned.es

Laura Ponce de Leon is a social worker and clinical psychologist with PhD in Psychology of Aging. Her research is focused on psychosocial care of the elderly and methodology of social intervention with casework, families, groups and communities.

She has received the 2010 Imserso Infanta Cristina Award for Research. Laura was a visiting researcher at the University of Warsaw (Poland), University of Quebec (Canada), National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM (Mexico), Daniel Alcides Carrion University (Peru), Catholic University of Los Angeles de Chimbote (Peru)and National University of Piura (Peru). For the recognition of her professional work in the social area in 2011 she received the titles of Honorary Professor of the National University Daniel Alcides Carrion, Honorary Title of Visiting Professor at the Catholic University of Los Angeles de Chimbote and the Academic Medal of Illustrious Visitor of the National University of Piura.

Laura has published articles in specialized journals such as Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, Health and Social Work, World Haptics, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Journal of Psychophysiology, Innovation in Aging, Sistema, Revista del Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales and International Welfare Policies and Social Work Journal among others. She has also published over ten books and participated in forty collective works, including publications for Alianza, Piramide and Mc Graw-Hill. She has gained one period of six years for her research work from the Committee for the Assessment of the Research Action (CNEAI).

She has participated in many national and international research projects, one of them won the First FIPROS 2012 Award. She is currently a member of the “Aging and neurodegenerative diseases” group at UNED (G33E59), and a member of the Research "Ehquidad" group belonging to the International Association of Social Sciences and Social Work https://www.ehquidad.org.

Laura Ponce de Leon was executive editor of Trabajo Social Hoy Journal. She is Publishing editor of Ehquidad Journal, member of Editorial Advisory Board of Social Treball Journal (RTS). She also participates as an external evaluator in national and international journals.

She actively participates in social organizations, she is Vocal of international relations in the International Association of Social Sciences and Social Work (AICTS), Patron of the Law and Disability Foundation and teacher for social workers in professional associations and SESCAM (Medical Service). She was a member of Governing Board of the College of Social Workers of Madrid.

Laura Ponce de Leon was Secretary and Head of the Department of Social Work at UNED. She is currently an Associate Professor of Social Work at UNED and participates in several University Master´s Degrees and PhD Programs for various Universities.