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Alejandro Fernández-Roldán Díaz - Predoctoral Researcher

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Alejandro Fernández-Roldán Díaz - Predoctoral Researcher

MSc Graduate in Data & Society (London School of Economics and Political Science, 2019).

The key guidance from Professor Carlos Santiago Caballero (UC3M) throughout my BA led me to show an early interest on the implementation of quantitative methods to the study of media and public opinion. Under his leadership I worked in the project “The origins of regional inequality in Spain” (2016-2018), sponsored by the Ramón Areces Foundation. In parallel, Professor Santiago and I published a WP on competitive balance and inequality in top European football leagues called: “Decomposing competitive balance in the major European football leagues: a Rawlsian approach”.

In the private sector, I have worked for Atrevia, a communications & marketing consultancy firm.

In 2018 I started my MSc at the LSE. My dissertation (“A check on fact-checkers: a multinomial regression evaluation of fact-checkers in the United States, Spain and Italy”) was supervised by Prof. Nick Anstead (key inputs were provided too by Prof. Pablo Barberá & Prof. Charlie Beckett), which aimed to evaluate potential biases of political fact-checking outlets in an era of rapid flows of information

In 2019 I joined the department of Social Sciences at UC3M as an Adjunct Professor, where I taught courses in applied methodology and research design. Since September 2020 I am working as a Predoc Researcher (FPI scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Science) at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and on a PhD thesis at UC3M within the framework of a joint project ( "Epistemology of falsehood detection in journalistic discourses”) led by Prof. David Teira (UNED) and Prof. Carlos Elías (UC3M). Both Carlos Elías and David Teira are supervisors of my PhD thesis, which strives to broaden our knowledge on the epistemology of political fact-checking and its role as a mediator of public opinion.

On January 2022 I started a research visit to The College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter, UK.