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Curso 2021/2022 Subject code6901404-




This course seeks to achieve several learning outcomes derived from both its content and the development of intellectual abilities and skills it fosters. The idea behind the course is that before students can be trained to understand the techniques and tools used by public managers in their daily activities, they need to understand the conceptual underpinnings and institutional, political and social constraints and the logic behind those public policies. The problems and controversies that often affect public policy issues will be better understood by students and future public managers if they are able to understand and apply major theories and concepts related to public policy formation and understand and apply major methods of policy analysis

The course aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Students' ability to analyze public policy and understand policy problems and make policy proposals to address them.

  • Refine the students’ understanding of the world, their social and political reality, with the introduction of a new institutional and societal perspective to understand governmental activity and policy problems.

  • Improving their citizenship, by increasing their knowledge relevant to the critical policy issues of contemporary life.

To these skills and abilities, the course adds the learning goal of improving the students "communication and expression in a foreign language (English)", by forcing them to read all the course required or recommended assignments in English and write their tests and continuous assessments in English. This will give them tools to achieve an improved comprehension, expression and communication in English and open for them possibilities of an international career or a job in an internationalized environment. It will offer students the ability improve their capacities to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialist and non-specialist.