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Madrid, 20 de septiembre de 2021

UNED micro degrees, the combination of knowledge taken from several areas designed for your specialisation

Are you an engineer and already have your own company, but lack the knowledge about the techniques to put it on the market? The micro degree in Marketing and Business Strategies is custom-made just for you. Have you decided to devote your time to combating the ecological crisis that threatens our future? You can acquire the knowledge to do this in as effective a way as possible with the micro degree in Strategies to confront climate change. These are two examples of the 12 micro degrees and one micro master’s degree that will give you specialised and multidisciplinary knowledge that would be impossible to obtain otherwise. The subjects are taken from official degrees or master’s degrees, which guarantees their quality and from different faculties, giving them a unique multidisciplinary feature. These are UNED’s own degrees, which respond to the EU's intention to encourage lifelong learning, and UNED is the first university to offer them throughout Europe. Registration is now open and will remain so until 21 October.

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According to Juan Manuel La Cruz López, Degree and Postgraduate Vice Rector, “these micro degrees allow us to provide knowledge that is already endorsed by official degrees, with the benefits of specialisation and multidisciplinary, knowledge that could not be accessed otherwise. Completing the micro degree allows any subjects already studied to be added to a future Degree or Official Master’s, if this is an option directly, without any kind of validation or management.”

“We had nearly one thousand people sign up for the first one we launched, the Micro Degree in Spanish History, which allowed us to gauge the interest in the formula and encouraged us to develop the rest of the programmes. The collaboration of the different faculties has led to a comprehensive programme in each of the areas addressed. It would be very difficult for any student to access subjects with all the quality guarantees of Science, Law, Economics, Linguistics and so on, unless they were to do each of the degrees or postgraduate courses they are taught on. Our micro degrees allow them to avail of this tailored adaptation by the university. Some are also very versatile and have different optional subjects to be even more in line with their interests.”


One example is the micro degree in Medieval Studies, from the Faculty of Geography and History, which includes the history of Law, classical languages such as Latin and Greek, from Languages, Anthropology or Philosophy. The Strategy against Climate Change from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology includes Environmental Project management, from the Industrial School of Engineering; Environmental Education, Environmental Criminal Law, from their respective faculties, and Environmental Impact Assessment, from the Faculty of Science’s Department of Mathematical Physics and Fluids.

The micro degree is awarded once a certain amount of ECTS credits are passed, which according to UNED amounts to about 25 hours of study, which cost the same as these subjects in the degree or master’s programmes they are taken from. The requirements for registration are identical to any degree or postgraduate degree, namely, to have passed the Spanish or equivalent University Entrance Exam. Registration will remain open until 21 October and is totally online, just like for the rest of the subjects at UNED. And please remember:

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