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Course 2022-2023 / FACULTAD DE EDUCACIÓN




This official Master offers its students an innovative perspective on career guidance and a specialized profile aimed both at intervention for the integral professional development of young people and adults (*), as well as research in this field. In this objective, it facilitates the understanding and analysis of the set of factors that are associated with said development, offering students a panoramic, comprehensive and practical vision of the different dimensions and strategies of orientation and diagnosis, allowing their exercise in different contexts and for the various populations receiving this orientation.

The learning objectives and specific competences included in this Master have been delimited according to studies carried out by the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG, 2008), and by the European Accreditation Scheme for careers guidance practitioners (EAS, 2008 ), as well as from the descriptors that appear in the Spanish Framework of Qualifications for Higher Education (MECES). Also, in line with the Dublin objectives, the Tunning Report and the Reflex Report (ANECA, 2007), some of which will have to reach a deep level of development.

The Master includes a wide and varied content, in accordance with the great challenges that are currently posed in the field of career guidance, using a methodology based on the use of new communication technologies and distance education, and from a vocation quality. For this, it has a highly specialized teaching team in each of the study subjects.

(*) Therefore, guidance and teaching for ages and school contexts of infant, primary and secondary education are outside this specialization profile.