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Course 2022-2023 / FACULTAD DE DERECHO



Previous training initiatives in this sector of health administration and management, show the existence of students with an important background of work practice, who seek to rework their experience and grow as professionals with a university knowledge base. This also coincides with the mission of the UNED, particularly open to the progression and improvement of students who have had a cycle of work performance.

Selection mechanisms:

The following three blocks of merit will be scored for the selection of students in the MUAS.

Academic record: 25%. In this section, the academic degrees presented by the student will be valued: Doctor, Bachelor or Graduate, as well as courses and other continuing education formats that are certified according to the number of credits/hours related to the administration of health services. In addition, continuing education training actions related to the direction, administration, management, governance and planning of health care services and units will also be valued.
Professional experience: 35%. In this section, professional experience in health and social-health centers, units and services, and in the management, administration, governance and direction of health care institutions will be valued.
Projects for the improvement of the quality of care, elaboration of technical reports, protocols and scientific production: 40%. In this section, participation in projects, programs, plans; works published as author in books and scientific journals related to the world of management, improvement programs and administration of health services will be valued.
The Academic Committee may request the applicants to justify the merits provided.

Only CVs with the defined structure and with specific sections according to the MODEL PROPOSED BELOW will be evaluated. 

MODEL CV (word format)

MODEL CV (pdf format)