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Curso 2023/2024/Subject's code28805105



Face-to-face Exam

Exam type
Examen de desarrollo
Development questions
Duration of the exam
120 (minutos)
Material allowed in the exam

Only non programable calculator

Qualification and evaluation criteria

Subject will be held following distance learning model with systems to support student independent learning, according to the rules and structures that support teaching UNED virtualized.

Student independent learning is very important, so subject workload depends on each personal circumstance, but virtual platform, specially discussion forum and personal contact by email, will help them to follow the subject with regular and consistent work rate.

Chronologically the student must study and prepare each item in the order given to contents, as each builds on the previous.

Students may choose between a continuous evaluation assessment regime or a simple regime.

Those students who choose simple regime have to follow the study plan and pass the exam on-site. No one of the tasks considered in continuous evaluation are mandatory in order to overcome the subject but will be considered.

% Concerning the final grade
Minimum Grade (not including continuas assessment)
Maximum grade (not including continuas assessment)
Minimum grade (including continuas assessment)

The four questions will be answer by the students using a maximum limited space provided in the examination form and is highly recommendable that all the questions must be include some minimum answer.

The examinations will occur during the weeeks programmed by the UNED, and they use to be in the last full week of May and the first full week of June, and the students must choose to which of the two weeks will go. In one week the examination will be in the morning and in the other one will be in the afternoon.

In September the student have only one week to go (use to be the week that begin after the second day of September in Monday) and if the student can not go to the day of the exam can ask for the Reserve examn and go on the Saturday to the reserve exam.


Face-to-face is required

The student may choose the final exam regime (simple) an dthen only the final exam will be considered.

In the case that during the continuos evaluation the student did not finsih all the evaluations and final work, then must go to final exam too.

Qualification and evaluation criteria

Grading of the four questions and have final evaluation. The on-site exam consists in a series of short (4), relational and essay questions.

Final exam weighing in final grade
Only final exam.
Approximate submission date


Si,PEC no presencial

For the continuous evaluation assessment regime, the students must complete the following tasks:

  • Distance exercises. The teaching staff will provide these exercises with a deadline specified in aLF platform. The exercises will be focused in short questions related to the subject.
  • Ex_A: Block 1-2
  • Ex_B: Block 3-4
  •  Forum tasks. The teaching staff will provide special tasks through aLF forums.
  • Student participation in the subject virtual platform (forums, questions, opinions and so on) will be considered.
  • Final work.
    • Final Work is only for students who have chosen continuous evaluation assessment regime and have complete previous activities.
    • Topics will be proposed by students in a forum intended for and have to be approved by teaching staff. These proposals must contain a brief description.
    • Manuscripts are to be prepared in English.
Qualification and evaluation criteria

The weights of these evaluation items will be:

  • 30% for distance exercises
  • 50% for the final work
  • 20% for the forum tasks and participation
PEC weighing in final grade
Approximate submission date

The continuous evaluation is only available in the regular call, in June, and is not available for the extraordinary call in September. If an student fails on some of the assignments of in the sending of the final work they must go to the face-to-face examination to pass the subject

The two distance exercises will been available for the students inside the virtual course,with an straucture similar to the face-to-face examination (4 questions). During the 10th week and during the 11th week, (May), on Friday will be available the examinations in th evirtual course as a task of the platform and the students must send their solutions on the Sunday of the weekend using the virtual platform as well as the email as backup system for security. 

The final work will be send two weeks after the face-to-face examinations (in the second part of June). 

Exact dates will be available at the begining of the course in the virtual course schedule. 


Is there another activity / s that can be evaluated?

There will be available the Self-Evaluation test, similar to the face-to-face evaluation, inside the virtual course, and after the time given to the students for the filling, the solutions are putting in the virtual course for their students'self evaluation. 

Qualification and evaluation criteria
Weighing in final grade
Approximate submission date

How to obtain the final grade?

Those students who follow the continuous evaluation assessment regime have to complete all tasks comprising the continuous evaluation and meet their respective deadlines. Students who complete all the continuous evaluation activities are exempt from exam on-site. Otherwise it shall be understood that the student has chosen the simple regime and it will be required to pass the exam on-site in order to overcome the subject.

The continuous evaluation can be only during the period of regular studying of the subject (from February to June) and did not exost for the September call. The face-to-face examinations are in the June and September call and the student can go in June if they did nto pass the continuous evaluation (or if they do not follow thsi system) as well as can go in September if not passed in any way in June.