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To complete the Final Year Project (FYP) of the Psychology degree course, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Enrolment on all the courses that offer the credits that the student needs to obtain the Bachelor’s degree title.
  • Enrolment on the July-October call to sign up for the FYP requires the student to have obtained at least 180 credits, of which 168 must correspond to the courses in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. That is, the student can only enrol on the FYP if they have a maximum of 12 credits pending that correspond to courses from the three first academic years.

In the February-March call, and in accordance with the indications set out in the instructions for enrolment of said call, those who have pending on annual course or two semestral courses, and who are enrolled in all of these, will be allowed to register on the FYP in order to terminate their studies.

  • Due to the characteristics of the FYP, it is recommended that the student has an adequate knowledge of English (at least at the level of reading), given that part of the material provided by the Academic Supervisor could be in this language.

The areas of study offered for the 2023-2024 course:

1. Research and Interventions in Basic and Applied Psychology (Dept. of Methodology in Behavioural Sciences)

2. Psychobiology and Psychological Processes (Department of Psychobiology)

3. Cognitive and Behavioural Processes in Healthcare (Department of Basic Psychology I)

4. Basic Psychological Processes and Healthcare (Department of Basic Psychology II)

5. Personality, Individual Differences and Health (Department of Psychology of the Personality, Psychological Evaluation and Therapy)

6. Psychopathology, Evaluation and Treatment of Psychological Disorders (Department of Psychology of the Personality, Psychological Evaluation and Therapy)

7. Evolutionary and Educational Psychology (Department of Evolutionary and Educational Psychology)

8. Research and Interventions in Social Psychology and the Psychology of Organizations (Department of Social Psychology and of Organizations)

Specific Lines of work. In exceptional cases, the student could come to an agreement with a professor or supervisor in the Faculty to carry out a specific FYP beyond those offered. When the student presents a specific proposal for a FYP to a supervisor, they should include a copy of their request to the Coordinator of the FYP. This agreement will be presented by the professor/supervisor to the FYP Commission to be approved before the registration period ends.

Reglamento para la realización y defensa del Trabajo Fin de Grado en la UNED