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This section aims to respond to some of the basic questions related to the Psychology Degree course at the UNED in a simple manner.

Is the Psychology degree course at the UNED an official university title?

Yes. The Psychology Degree is an official university course that is valid across the entire national territory and in all the countries of the European Higher Education Space (EHES).

To what field of knowledge is the Psychology Degree imparted at the UNED ascribed?

The degree course is ascribed to the Health Sciences area and as such, on completing this course individuals will attain the basic professional capacities to contribute to the promotion and maintenance of personal and social well-being in diverse fields of activity.

What profile is recommended for registration?

Although access to the degree course is possible from any of the Spanish Baccalaureate modality, the educational profile that best fits with the course is the Baccalaureate in Sciences. For students that enrol through an Access Course, it is highly recommended to have completed the subjects of Biology and of Mathematics. For those who may need to update or reach the level of basic knowledge in these areas of knowledge, there are courses available at UNED Open, Zero Courses (MOOC) in Fundamentals of Biology for Psychologists and in Methodologies in Behavioural Sciences. More information can be found in the section "Registration Profile".

Can I take the courses on the Study Plan in any order?

It is recommended that students enrol on courses following their established sequence to ensure that they have an adequate knowledgebase. The distribution and sequence of the subjects in each different year and semester is not established by chance but rather, it is set-up to take into account the knowledge required to progress through the degree course. As such, it is recommended that each academic year is planned by registering for courses having consulted the Study Plan and the Guide to the courses, with the goal of passing certain courses before registering for others.

Do any courses establish requisites to be able to enrol on them?

Yes. Some courses establish requisites for registration, in particular, the External Practical’s and the Final Year Project.

Is there any curricular itinerary or speciality related to a specific professional area?

Yes. The obligatory courses on the degree course are associated with obtaining the Specialty in Clinical Psychology. In addition to obtaining this specialty, each student can obtain a second depending on the optative courses chosen, or by opting for the free choice options of the degree course, whether or not they are related to any specialty. The specialties offered are: (1) Clinical Interventions for Mental Health Disorders and of Behaviour; (2) Psychology of Education; (3) Occupational Psychology and of Organizations.

On what courses should I register?

It is very important to plan your selection and to register on suitable courses. Once you have decided to enrol, it is important to evaluate the time and resources you have available. Consult the requirements and recommendations in the course guidebook in order to be able to follow the courses with ease, and to elaborate a plan for registration that takes into account the estimated workload (No. of credits and equivalence in hours) and the prior knowledge recommended in each case. Consult the guidelines to plan your course selection well – INDUCTION PLAN

What are the professional and academic opportunities associated with this degree?

The Bachelor’s degree in Psychology guarantees a solid scientific training that capacitates one to work as a professional in the diverse areas mentioned previously in this Guide (see presentation), and in other regulated professions related to healthcare, occupational risk prevention and education. In addition, professional opportunities may also arise in the areas of basic and applied research.

Degree in Psychology: professional opportunities: Grado en Psicología – Salidas Profesionales COIE (