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Applicant profile

Although admission to the Degree in Psychology is possible from any of the four branches of the Spanish Baccalaureate, those students who complete the Baccalaureate of Sciences have the profile best suited to this degree, given the importance of a basic understanding of Biology and Mathematics. Likewise, for those students entering from the Access Course, it is highly recommended to have studied the subjects of Biology and Mathematics.

In any case, there is the possibility of taking Zero Courses - Open UNED to update or reach the level of basic knowledge in these areas of knowledge:

• Fundamentals of Biology for Psychologists Zero Course

• Methodology of Behavioural Sciences Zero Course

This background knowledge is essential because, as a health professional, you will need to know how the nervous system works and understand the close interactions between biology and behaviour. Knowledge of scientific and mathematical methodology ensures the candidate has the tools necessary to carry our research in the different areas of basic and applied psychology: from research design to the relevant statistical analysis with a view to drawing up a scientific report. Likewise, this knowledge facilitates the design, generation, evaluation and implementation of instruments to obtain measurements in the field of Psychology. In addition, other zero courses are offered in open and self-study learning format to provide other basic background knowledge, such as pre-university Mathematics.

It is also necessary to have an adequate level of English in order to understand the scientific literature that will be handled, as recommended and examinable learning material in this language could be used. Specifically, a minimum recommended level is that equivalent to A2(+) of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). In the event that a subject teaching team uses material in English, the percentages related to a mastery of such material that contribute to the final mark may sum to a maximum of 10% for 1st and 2nd year subjects, a maximum of 20% for 3rd and 4th year subjects, and up to 50% for the Final Degree Project.

Please note that the UNED also offers various resources to its students to improve their language skills through the CUID ( free English level tests that will allow students to assess whether they have the level of English required; educational courses in both blended and entirely online learning formats; free level exams for accreditation of foreign language competences (with ACLES certificates, recognized in the Spanish and European university system); etc.

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