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The Degree in Psychology guarantees a solid scientific training that qualifies individuals for professional practice in different areas mentioned earlier in this Guide (see Presentation), as well as other regulated professions related to health, occupational risk prevention and education. In addition, career opportunities related to basic and applied research are also an option.

There are two regulated healthcare professions related to psychology in Spain: Specialist Psychologist in Clinical Psychology and General Clinical Psychologist, which are accessed with the aforementioned Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Among other requirements, with the qualification of Specialist Psychologist in Clinical Psychology and with the Master's Degree in General Clinical Psychology, graduates are entitled to practice the regulated profession of clinical psychology, as described in below in this Guide.

Alternatively, the title of Bachelor of Science or Graduate in Psychology gives access to other professions regulated in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention. In the field of education, the aforementioned degree give access to specialist official Master’s courses that enable individuals to become teachers at all levels of Secondary Education and Vocational training, and specialist Foreign Language teachers.

In addition, there is a wide variety of professions not specifically regulated that are open to a graduate in Psychology. More information in this regard can be found through a collection of videos in the Series "First Hand Psychology", Canal UNED (Coordinator of the series: Raúl Cabestrero Alonso). These videos bring us closer to the different fields in which Psychology may be relevant. The vision offered by the different professionals in their daily activities highlight the different specialist areas in which psychologists can develop their professional activities through their personal experience.

Grado en Psicología – Salidas Profesionales COIE (