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Filamentous and step-like behavior of gelling coarse fibrin networks revealed by high-frequency microrheology
Pablo Domínguez-García, G. Dietler, L. Forro and S. Jeney. Soft Matter, 16, 4234 - 4242 (2020)
Brownian Disks Lab: Simulating time-lapse microscopy experiments for exploring microrheology techniques and colloidal interactions
Pablo Domínguez-García. Computer Physics Communications, 252, 107123 (2020)
JColloids: Image analysis for video-microscopy studies of colloidal suspensions
P. Domínguez-García, M. Pancorbo, F. Ortega, M.A. Rubio, . Computer Physics Communications. 231, 243-244 (2018).
PFMCal: Photonic force microscopy calibration extended for its application in high-frequency microrheology.
A. Butykai, P. Dominguez-Garcia, F.M. Mor, R. Gaál, L. Forró and S. Jeney. Computer Physics Communications, 220, 507-508 (2017).
Brownian dynamics simulations to explore experimental microsphere diffusion with optical tweezers
Manuel Pancorbo, M.A. Rubio, P. Domínguez-García. Procedia Comput. Sci. 108 (166-174) (2017).
Interplay between optical, viscous and elastic forces on an optically trapped Brownian particle immersed in a viscoelastic fluid
P. Dominguez-Garcia, László Forró, and Sylvia Jeney. Applied Physics Letters 109, 143702 (2016)
Calibration of optical tweezers with non-spherical probes via high-resolution detection of Brownian motion
A. Butykai, F.M. Mor, R. Gaál, P. Dominguez-Garcia, L. Forró and S. Jeney. Computer Physics Communications, 196, 599–610 (2015). Leer descripción
Accounting for inertia effects to access the high-frequency microrheology of viscoelastic fluids
P. Dominguez-Garcia, Frédéric Cardinaux, Elena Bertseva, László Forró, Frank Scheffold, Sylvia Jeney. Physical Review E 90, 060301(R) (2014)
Exploiting the color of Brownian motion for high-frequency microrheology of Newtonian fluids
Pablo Domínguez-García, Flavio M. Mor, László Forró, Sylvia Jeney Proc. of SPIE NanoScience+ Engineering, 8810, 881015 (2013)
Single and multi-particle passive microrheology of low-density fluids using sedimented microspheres
P. Domínguez-García and M.A. Rubio. Applied Physics Letters, 102, 074101 (2013)
Microrheological consequences of attractive colloid-colloid potentials in a two-dimensional Brownian fluid
P. Domínguez-García. EPJ E-Soft Matter & Biological Physics, 35: 73 (2012)
Hydrodynamics on Charged Superparamagnetic Microparticles in Water Suspension: Effects of Low-Confinement Conditions and Electrostatics Interactions
P. Domínguez-García and M.A. Rubio. Book Chapter: Hydrodynamics - Advanced Topics. ISBN 978-953-307-596-9. Publisher: InTech (2011)
Aggregation and disaggregation dynamics of sedimented and charged superparamagnetic microparticles in water suspension
P. Domínguez-García, J.M. Pastor and M.A. Rubio. EPJ E-Soft Matter & Biological Physics, 34: 36 (2011)
Three-dimensional morphology of field-induced chain-like aggregates of superparamagnetic microparticles.
P. Domínguez-García and M.A. Rubio. Colloids and Surfaces A, 358, 21-27 (2010)
Electrostatic and hydrodynamics effects in a sedimented magneto-rheological suspension
P. Domínguez-García, J.M. Pastor, Sonia Melle and M.A. Rubio. Physical Review E. 80, 021405 (2009). Leer descripción
JChainsAnalyser: an ImageJ-based stand-alone application for the study of magneto-rheological fluids.
P. Domínguez-García and M. A. Rubio. Computer Physics Communications 180, 1956-1960 (2009)
Morphology of anisotropic chains in a magneto-rheological fluid during aggregation and disaggregation processes
P. Domínguez-García, Sonia Melle and M. A. Rubio. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 333, 221-229 (2009)
Motion of viscous drops on superhydrophobic surfaces due to magnetic gradients
John Schneider, Ana Egatz-Gómez, Sonia Melle, S. Lindsay, P.Domínguez-García, M.A. Rubio, M. Márquez, Antonio A. García. Colloids and Surfaces A, 323, 19-27 (2008).
Scaling in the Aggregation Dynamics of a Magnetorheological Fluid.
P. Domínguez-García, Sonia Melle, J.M. Pastor and M.A. Rubio. Physical Review E, 76, 051403 (2007). Leer descripción
Silicon Nanowire and Polyethylene Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Discrete Magnetic Microfluidics.
Ana Egatz-Gómez, John Schneider, P. Aella, D. Yang, P.Domínguez-García, Solitaire Lindsay, S. T. Picraux, Miguel A. Rubio, Sonia Melle, Manuel Marquez, Antonio A. García. Applied Surface Science, 254: 330-334 (2007).
Magnetic movement of biological fluid droplets
Antonio A. García, Ana Egatz-Gómez, Solitaire A. Lindsay, P. Domínguez-García, Sonia Melle, Manuel Márquez, Miguel A. Rubio, S.T. Picraux, Dongqing Yang, P. Aella, Mark A. Hayes, Devens Gust, Suchera Loyprasert, Terannie Vazquez-Alvarez, Joseph Wang. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 311: 238-243 (2007).
Discrete magnetic microfluidics
Ana Egatz-Gómez, Sonia Melle, A. A. García, M. Márquez, P. Domínguez-García, Miguel A. Rubio, S. T. Picraux, J. L. Taraci, T. Clement, Mark A. Hayes and Devens Gust. Applied Physics Letters, 89 (3): 034106 (2006). Leer descripción
Superhydrophobic Nanowire Surfaces for Drop Movement Using Magnetic Fields
Ana Egatz-Gómez, Sonia Melle, A. A. García, Solitaire Lindsay, Miguel A. Rubio, P. Domínguez, S. T. Picraux, J. L. Taraci, T. Clement, Mark A. Hayes and Devens Gust. 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - NSTI Nanotech 2006 Technical Proceedings Vol. 2, 501-504 (2006).
Doublet dynamics of magnetizable particles under frequency modulated rotating fields
P. Domínguez-García, Sonia Melle, Oscar G. Calderón and M.A. Rubio. Colloids and Surfaces A, 270: 270-276 (2005).

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Brownian Disks Lab (BDL): videomicroscopy-like Brownian dynamics simulations.P. Domínguez-García.