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Novedades bibliográficas Dpto. Antropología Social y Cultural

Enero/Mayo 2019

  • Nelson, Alondra. The social life of DNA: race, reparations, and reconciliation after the genorne / Alondra Nelson ISBN: 9780807033012 Publicación: Bostón: Beacon Press, [2016
  • The chimera principie: an anthropology of memory and imagination / Carlo Severi.; Chicago, IL :, HAU Books 2015, The Malinowski monographs, 9780990505051, ISBN
  • Roman political thought / Jed W: Atkins

Marzo 2018

  • John Clammer (ed.) Figured worlds: ontological obstacles in intercultural relations.
  • Frois, Catarina. Female imprisonment: an ethnography of everyday life in confinement.
  • Brian K. Hall (ed.) Environment, development, and evolution: toward a synthesis.

Febrero 2018

  • Jonathan D. Hill (ed.) History, power, and identity: ethnogenesis in the Americas, 1492-1992.
  • Mark Harris (ed) Ways of knowing: anthropological approaches to crafting experience and knowledge.

Enero 2018

  • Tsing, Anna Lowenhaupt. The mushroom at the end of the world: on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins.
  • Andreas Roepstorff. (ed.) Imagining nature: practices of cosmology and identity.
  • Olaf Kaltmeier (ed.) Entangled heritages: postcolonial perspectives on the uses of the past in Latin America.
  • Horne, Gerald. The counter-revolutión of 1776
  • The counter-revolution fo 1776: slave resistance and the origins of the United States of America.
  • Bertelsen, Bjorn Enge. Critical anthropological engagemensts in human alterity and difference.
  • Oyama, Susan. Evolutions´s a systems view of the biology-culture divide.
  • Massimo Pigliucci and Gerd B. Buller (ed.) Evolution, the extended synthesis.
  • Mol, Annemarie. The body multiple: ontology in medical practice.
  • Elkholy, Ramsey. Being and becoming: embodiment and experience among the Orang Rimba of Sumatra.
  • Hodder, Ian. Entangled: an archaeology of the relationships between humans and things.
  • Francis, Richard C. Epigenetics: how environments shpes our genes.
  • Davies, Jamie A. Life unfolding: how the human body creates itself.
  • Shapiro, Lawrence A. Embodied cognition.
  • Ramachandran, V. S. The Tell-Tale brain: unlocking the mystery or human nature.
  • Doidge, Norman. The brain´s way of healing: stories of remarkable recoveries and discoveries.
  • Peter Wynn Kirby (ed.) Boundless worlds: an anthropological approach to movement.
  • David Parkin and Stanley Ulijaszek. Holistic anthropology: emergence and convergence.
  • Ingold, Tim. The life of lines.
  • Fraois, Catarina: Mulheres condenadas: historias de dentro de prisao.
  • Francois de Singly (col.) L´injustice ménagére.
  • Mossuz Lavau, Janine. La vie sexuelle en France.

Noviembre - Diciembre 2017

  • Mega Watkins , ed. Cultural pedagogies and human conduct.
  • Bosse, Candice L. Becoming and consumption Spanish novel.
  • Tamboukou, María. In the fold between power and desire: women artists ´narratives
  • Alison Liebling (ed.) The effects of imprisonment
  • Ke3lley, Victoria. Soap and water: cleanliness, dirt and the working classes in Victorian and Edwardian.
  • Deirdre H. McMahon (ed.) The objects and textures of everyday life in imperial Britain.
  • Berlant Gail The female complaint: the unifinished business of sentimentality in American culture
  • Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio riello (eds). Writing material culture history.
  • Rice, Charles. The emergence of the interior: architecture, modernity, domesticity.
  • Miguel Salanova, Santiago de. Madrid, sinfonía de una metrópoli europea.
  • Rodríguez Marín, Nuria. La capital de un sueño: Madrid en el primer tercio del siglo XX.
  • Livholts, Mona. Discourse and narrative methods.
  • Turner, Jennifer. Prisión boundary: between society and carceral space
  • Fassin, Didier. At the heart of the state: the moral wordld of institutions.
  • Ochoa Gautier, Ana María. Aurality: listening and knowledge in nineteenth-century Colombia.
  • Chin, Elizabeth. My life with things: the consumer diaries.
  • John Hannigan and Greg Richards (ed.) The Sage handbook of new urban studies.
  • Dennis, Richard. Cities in modernity: representations and productions of metropolitan space 1840-1930.

Octubre 2017

  • Higmore, Ben. Ordinary lives: stydies in the everyday

Agosto 2017

  • People's Park _Video-disco (DVD)

Julio 2017

  • Le sac: un petit monde d'amour / Jean Claude Kauffman
  • ll pensiero dei sensi: atmosfere ed estetica patica / Tonino Griffero

Junio 2017

  • Cultural feelings: mood, mediation, and cultural politics / Ben Highmore

Mayo 2017

  • A cultural history of the senses in the Modern Age, 1920-2000 / edited by David Howes
  • A passion for cultural studies / by Ben Highmore
  • Amour et la loi: l'homos/hétéros:memes droits, memes devoirs / Caroline Mecary
  • Cities of Europe: changing contexts, local arrangements, and the challenge to urban cohesion / edited by Yuri Kazepov
  • Cityscapes : cultural readings in the material and symbolic city / Ben Highmore
  • Coping with excess: how organizations, communities and individuals manage overflows / edited by Barbara Czarniawska (Professor of Management Studies, GRI, University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Orvar Lofgren (Professor Emeritus of European Ethnology, University of Lund, Sweden) ..
  • Culture / Ben Highmore
  • Dust: a history of the small and the invisible / Joseph A. Amato
  • Empire of the senses: the sensual culture reader / edited by David Howes
  • Everyday life and cultural theory: an introduction / Ben Highmore
  • Exploring everyday life: strategies for ethnography and cultural analysis / Billy Ehn, Orvar Lofgren , and Richard Wilk
  • Famille, ethique et justice / Hélène Pauliat. .. [et al.]
  • Gestation pour autrui: surrogate motherhood / Françoise Monéger
  • Jazz cosmopolitanism in Acera: five musical years in Ghana / Steven Feld
  • La fabrication des enfants: un vertige technologique / François Ansermet
  • La maTtrise de la vie: les procréations médicalement assistées interrogent l'étique et le droit / Lucette Kha'iat et Cécile Marchal, dirs
  • Magic, culture and the new economy / edited by Orvar Logfren and Robert Willim
  • Managing overflow in affluent societies / edited by Barbara Czarniawska and Orvar Löfgren
  • Michel de Certeau: analysing culture / Ben Highmore
  • Mixed communities: gentrification by stealth? / edited by Gary Bridge, Tim Butler and Loretta Lees
  • Past scents: historical perspectivas on smell / Jonathan Reinarz
  • Prison readings: a critica! introduction to prisons and imprisonment / Yvonne Jewkes, Helen Johnston, eds.
  • Race, class, and gentrification in Brooklyn: a view from the street / Jerome Krase and Judith N. DeSena
  • Stadt erfahren: Ethnografische Explorationen urbaner Mensch-Umwelt-Beziehungen / Herausgegeben von Martina Klausner und Maren Heibges
  • The book of touch / edited by Constance Classen
  • The color of angels: cosmology, gender, and the aesthetic imagination / Constance Classen
  • The deepest sense: a cultural history of touch / Constance Classen
  • The gentrification debates / edited by Japonica Brown-Saracino
  • The gentrification reader / edited by Loretta Lees, Tom Slater and Elvin Wyly
  • The great indoors: at home in the modern British house / Ben Highmore
  • The last word: women, death, and divination in lnner Mani / C. Nadia Seremetakis
  • The perception of the environment: essays on livelihood, dwelling and skill/ Tim lngold
  • The secret world of doing nothing / Billy Ehn and Orvar Lofgren
  • The senses still: perception and memory as meterial culture in modernity / edited by C. Nadia Seremetakis
  • Women exiting prison: critica/ essays on gender, post-release support and survival / Bree Car/ton; Marie Segrave, eds

Enero 2017

  • Educación, pueblos indígenas y migrantes: reflexiones desde México, Brasil, Bolivia, Argentina y España / Gabriela Novare; Ana Padawer; Ana Carolina Hecht (comp.)

Diciembre 2016

  • El sociólogo y el historiador / Pierre Bordeau; Roger Ghartier
  • Las paradojas del guionista / Daniel Tubau
  • Los internados del miedo / Montse Armengou
  • The act of killing / Roberto Gueto
  • Tratado de dirección de documentales / Michael Rabiger

Noviembre 2016

  • Global indigenous media: cultures poetics and politics / Pamela Wilson; Michelle Stewart, eds.

Julio 2016

  • Objets d'affection: una ethonolige de l'intime / Véronique Dassié

Junio 2016

  • Antropologfa della cultura materiale / Fabio Dei; Pietro Meloni
  • Culture quotidiane: addomesticare lo spazio e il tempo / Giuliana Mandich
  • En busca de la justicia espacial / Edward W. Soja; presentación, Josep Vicent Boira
  • Handbook on prisons / yvonne Jewkes; Jamier Bennett; Ben Crewe, eds
  • I modi giusti: cultura materiale e pratiche di consumo nella provincia toscana contemporánea / Pietro Meloni
  • La materia del quotidiano: per un'antropologia degli oggeti ordinari / Silvia Bernardi; Fabio Dei, Pietro Meloni
  • La producción del espacio / Henri Lefebvre; prólogo de Ion Martínez Lorea; introducción y traducción de Emilio Martínez Gutiérrez
  • Latinas crossing borders and building communities in greater Washington: applying anthropology in multicultural neighborhoods / edited by Raul Sanchez Molina and Lucy M. Cohen
  • Signore e signori d'ltalia: una storia delle buone maniere / Gabriella Turnaturi
  • The palgrave handbook of prison ethnography / Deborah H. Drake; Rod Earle; Jennifer Sloan, eds

Mayo 2016

  • Anthropology: what does it mean to be human? / Robert H. Lavenda, Emily A. Schultz
  • Lone survivors: how we carne to be the only humans on earth / Chris Stringer
  • Print culture: frorn Steam Press to Ebook /by Frances Robertson

Abril 2016

  • Culture (Key Ideas in Media & Cultural Studies) / Ben Highmore
  • Design at Home: Domestic Advice Books in Britain and the USA since 1945 (Directions in Cultural History) / Grace Lees Maffei
  • Ethnomusicology
  • People Power: Grass Roots Politics and Race Relations / Judith N. DeSena
  • Thai in vitro: gender, culture and assisted reproduction / Andrea Whittaker
  • The Gentrification and lnequality in Brooklyn: New Kids on the Block / Judith N. DeSena
  • The history of mattiematical proof in ancient traditions / Pamela R. Matthews
  • The World in Brooklyn : Gentrification, lmmigration, and Ethnic Politics in a Global City 1 Judith N. DeSena
  • Walking iri Cities : Quotidian Mobility as Urban Theory, Method, and Practica / Evrick Brown; Timothy Shortell, eds.
  • Women on the verge of home / Bilinda Straight; Ruth Behar, eds.
  • Yearbook for traditional music

Marzo 2016

  • Acquiring genomes: a theory of the origins of species / Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan
  • Animals and society: an introduction to human-animal studies / Margo DeMello
  • Beyond nature and culture / Philippe Descola; translated by Janet Lloyd; foreword by Marshall Sahlins
  • Como una novela / Daniel Pennac; traducción de Joaquín Jordá
  • Desbordes: translating racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender identities across the Americas / Maria-Amelía Viteri; foreword by Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
  • El ensanche sur: Arganzuela (1860-1931): Los barrios negros / Fernando Vicente
  • Food and urbanism: the convivial cíty and sustainable future / Susan Parham
  • Growing local: case studies on local food supply chaíns / edíted by Robert P. King, Michael
  • Humans and other animals: cross-cultural perspectivas on human-animal interactions / Samantha Hurn
  • Intimate labors: cultures, technologies, and the politics of care / edited by Eileen Boris and Rhacel Salazar Parreñas
  • La máquina de contenido: hacia una teoría de la edición desde la imprenta hasta la red digital / Michael Bhaskar; traducción de Ricardo Martln Rubio Ruiz
  • Las nuevas clases medias urbanas: transformación y cambio social en España, 1900-1936 / José María Beascoechea Gangoiti y Luis Enrique Otero Carvajal (eds.)
  • Lessons of history / by Will and Ariel Durant
  • Migration / Michael Samers
  • Pratiques de la lecture / sous la direction de Roger Chartier et á l'initiative d'Aiain Paire
  • Regarding animals / Arnold Arluke & Clinton R. Sanders
  • Sapiens: a brief history of humankind / Yuval Noah Harari
  • Some we love, some we hate, some we eat: why it's so hard to think straight about animals / Hal Herzog
  • SQM the quantified home: an exploration of the envolving identity of the home, from utopian experiment to factory of data / editad by Space Caviar
  • The Western illusion of human nature: with reflections on the long history of hierarchy, equality and the sublimation of anarchy in the West, and comparative notes on other conceptions of the human condition / Marshall Sahlins
  • Thinking with animals: new perspectivas on anthropomorphism / edited by Lorraine Daston and Gregg Mitman
  • Un lit pour deux / Jean Claude Kaufmann

Enero 2016

  • Les mutations de la lecture / Olivier Bessard-Banquy, dir.; lnstitut universitaire de technologie. B

Diciembre 2015

  • El desorden digital : guía para historiadores y humanistas / Anaclet Pons
  • Le longement contemporain: entre confort, désir et norm (1995-2012) / Monique Eleb; Philippe Simon
  • Nuevos acercamientos a los jóvenes y la lectura / Michéle Petit; traducción de Rafael Segovia y Diana Luz Sánchez
  • Sociología de la lectura / Bernard Lahire compilador; Anne-Marie Chartier ... [et al.]; [traducción, Hilda H. García].

Noviembre 2015

  • At home in the city: urban domesticity in american literatura and culture, 1850-1930 / Elizabeth Klimasmith
  • Documenting Cityscapes: Urban Change in Contemporary Non-Fiction Film / by lván Villarmea Álvarez
  • Earth beings: ecologies of practice across Andean worlds / Marisol de la Cadena
  • How forests think: toward an anthropology beyond the human / Eduardo Kohn
  • L'inventioli de l'habitation modern: Paris 1880-1914 / Monique Eleb; Anne Debarre-Blanchard
  • Passion for cultural studies / Ben Bighmore
  • Truth in motion: the recursive anthropology of Cuban divination / Martín Holbraad
  • Uricreative writing: managing language in the digital age / Kenneth Goldsmith

Octubre 2015

  • Visceral cosmopolitanism: gender, culture and the normalisation of difference / Mica Nava

Julio 2015

  • Le singe, le gene et le neurone: du retour du biologisme en France / Sébastien Leníerle

Mayo 2015

  • An anthropology of architecture / Víctor Buchli
  • An Anthropology of Ethics /James D. Faubion
  • Anthropological futures / Michael M.J. F'ischer
  • Anthropology and social theory: culture, power, and the acting subject / Sherry B. Ortner
  • Anthropology in the city: methodology and theory / edited by ltalo Pardo, Giuliana B. Prato
  • Anthropos today : reflections on modern equipment / Paul Rabinow
  • Authentizitat und gemeisnchaft: Linksalternatives Leben in den siebziger und frühen achtziger Jahren / Sven Reichardt
  • Being alive: essays on movement, knowledge apd description / Tim lngold
  • Citizenship and the legitimacy of governance: anthropology in the Mediterranean region / edited by ltalo Pardo and Giuliana B. Prato
  • Doubt, conflict, mediation: the anthropology of modern time / edited by Laura Bear
  • Friction : an ethnography of global connection / Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing
  • Humanidades e investigación científica: una propuesta necesaria / Norbert Bilbeny ... [et al]
  • Modernity at large: cultural dimensions of globalization /Arjun Appadurai
  • Neighborhood Tokyo / Theodore C. Bestor
  • Outline of a theory of practice / Pierre Bourdieu; translated by Richard Nice
  • Point of purchase: how shopping changed American culture / Sharon Zukin
  • Remaking women: feminism and modernity in the Middle East / edited by Lila Abu-Lughod
  • Returns : becoming indigenous in the twenty-first century / James Clifford
  • Sociality: new directions / Nicholas J. Long; Henrietta L. Moore, eds
  • The Chicago guide to collaborative ethnography / Luke Eric Lassiter
  • The day of Shelly's death: the poetry and ethnography of Grief / Renato Rosaldo
  • The limits of the self: immunology and biological identity / Thomas Pradeu
  • The queen of America goes to Washington city: essays on sex and citizenship / Lauren Berlant
  • The unknown city: contesting architecture and social space: a Strangely Familiar project /edited by la in Borden ... [et al.]
  • The vulnerable observer: anthropology that breaks your heart / Ruth Behar
  • Thinking globally: a global studies reader / edited by Mark Juergensmeyer
  • Tsukiji: the fish market at the center of the world / Theodore C. Bestor
  • Women writing culture / edited by Ruth Behar and Deborah A Gordon

Abril 2015

  • Expulsiones: brutalidad y complejidad en la economía global / Saskia Sassen
  • The political force of musical beauty / Barry Shank

Marzo 2015

  • Anthropological history of Andean polities / edited by John V. Murra, Nathan Wachtel, and Jacques Revel.
  • Councils in action / edited by Audrey Richards and Adam Kuper.
  • Dispossession: the performative in the political / Judith Butler, conversations with Athena Athanasiou.
  • Doreen Massey: un sentido global del lugar / Abel Albet y Núria Benach.
  • Dreaming of money in Ho Chi Minh City /AllisonTruitt.
  • Ethnicity and race: making identities in a changing world / Stephen Cornell, Douglas Hartmann.
  • Ethnomusicology.
  • Etnógrafos coloniales: alteridad y escritura en la conquista de América (siglo XVI) / David Mauricio Adriano Solodkow.
  • Everyday moral economies: food, politics and scale in Cuba /Marisa Wilson.
  • Georges Balandier: un anthropologue en premiére ligne / Jean Copans.
  • Globalization from below: the world's other economy / edited by Gordon Mathews, Gustavo Lins Ribeiro, and Carlos Alba Vega.
  • La mort et ses au-delà / sous la direction de Maurice Godelier.
  • Land's end: capitalist relations on an indigenous frontier /Tania Murray Li.
  • Making race in the courtroom: the legal construction of three races in New Orleans / Kenneth R. Aslakson.
  • Making sense of public opinion: American discourses about immigration and social programs / Claudia Strauss.
  • Mito, ópera y vanguardia: La música en la obra de Lévi-Strauss / Jean-Jacques Nattiez.
  • Prisoners of freedom: human rights and the African poor /Harri Englund.
  • Racism without racists: color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America / Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.
  • Rituals of retribution: capital punishment in Germany, 1600-1987 /Richard J. Evans.
  • Social solidarity and the gift / Aafke E. Komter.
  • The body of the conquistador: food, race, and the colonial experience in Spanish America, 1492-1700 / Rebecca Earle.
  • The culture of giving: informal support and gift-exchange in early modern England / Llana Krausman Ben-Amos.
  • The death of the Big men and the rise of the big shots: custom and conflict in East New Britain / Keir Martín.
  • The disappearing mestizo: configuring difference in the colonial new kingdom of Granada / Joanne Rappaport.
  • The modernity bluff: crime, consumption, and citizenship in Côte d'lvoire / Sasha Newell.
  • Theories of social capital: researchers behaving badly / Ben Fine.
  • What kinship is - and is not / Marshall Sahlins.

Febrero 2015

  • Changing cultures: feminism, youth and consumerism / Mica Nava.
  • Ciudades de cine / Francisco García Gómez y Gonzalo M. Pavés (coords.); Clementina Calero Ruiz, Valeria Camporesi, Carlos A. Cuéllar Alejandro... [et al]
  • Cultures of selling: perspectives on consumption and society since 1700 / edited by John Benson and Laura Ugolini.
  • Encountering Morocco: fieldwork and cultural understanding / edited by David Crawford and Rachel Newcomb.
  • Karl Marx, antropólogo / Thomas C. Patterson; traducción de Henry Tantaleán.
  • Modern times: reflections on a century of English modernity / edited by Mica Nava and Alan O'Shea.
  • Modernism and the architecture of private life / Victoria Rosner.
  • Política de la pertenencia: brujería, autoctonía e intimidad / Peter Geschiere; prólogo Juan Pedro Viqueira; traducción Victoria Schussheirn.
  • The global and the intimate: feminism in our time / edited by Geraldine Pratt and Victoria Rosner.
  • The lifeways of hunter-gatherers: the foraging spectrum / Robert L. Kelly.
  • The social life of money / Nigel Dodd.
  • Una geografía del tiempo: o cómo cada cultura percibe el tiempo de manera un poquito diferente / Robert Levine; traducción de Luz Freire.
  • Urbanismo neoliberal, negocio inmobiliario y vida vecinal: el caso de Palma / Jaume Franquesa.
  • White Gypsies: race and stardom in Spanish musical films / Eva Woods Peiró.

Diciembre 2014

  • A rhetoric of irony / Wayne C. Booth.
  • Antropología ahora: debates sobre la alteridad / Alejandro Grimson, Silvina Merenson, Gabriel Noel, compiladores; Otávio Velho ... [et al.].
  • Atlántico negro: modernidad y doble conciencia / Paul Gilroy.
  • Colonial evangelism: a socio-historical study of an East African mission at the grassroots / T.O. Beidelman.
  • Global rome: changing faces of the eternal city / edited by Isabella Clough Marinaro and Bjorn Thomassen.
  • Historia intima de la humanidad / Theodore Zeldin; traducción de José Luis Gil Aristu.
  • Los lugares de lo político, los desplazamientos del símbolo: poder y simbolismo en la obra de Victor W. Turner / Rodrigo Díaz Cruz.
  • Mediated Youth cultures / Andy Bennet and Bjorn Thomassen.
  • Pensar caníbal: una perspectiva amerindia de la guerra, lo sagrado y la colonialidad / Adolfo Chaparro Amaya.
  • Poder, políticas e inmigración en América Latina / Débora Betrisey Nadali (ed.).
  • Qué es la antropología / Marc Augé, Jean-Paul Colleyn; [traducción de Carles Rache].
  • Racismo elegante: de la teoría de las razas culturales a la invisibilidad del racismo cotidano / José Antonio González Alcantud.
  • Rituales de resistencia : subculturas juveniles en la Gran Bretaña de postguerra / Stuart Hall, Tony Jefferson ,(eds.) ; traducción A. Nicolás Miranda, Rodrigo O. Ottonello, Fernando Palazzolo.
  • Toltecáyotl, aspectos de la cultura náhuatl / Miguel León-Portilla.
  • Women and gender in modern Latin America: historical sources and interpretations / (edlted by] Pamela S. Murray.

Noviembre 2014

  • Consumption and its consequences / Daniel Miller
  • El movimiento “Open”: la creación de un dominio público en la era digital / Antonio Ariño Villarroya
  • Fieldwork notebooks / Feldforschugs-notizbücher / Michael Taussig
  • Geographies of modernism: literatures, cultures, spaces / edited by Peter Brooker and Andrew thacker
  • Global denim / edited by Daniel Miller and Sophie Woodward
  • I swear I saw this: drawings in fieldwork notebooks, namely my own / Michael Taussig
  • Imagining the modern city / James Donald
  • L’ urbanisme espagnol depuis les années 1970; la ville, la démocratie et le marché / sous la direction de Laurent Coudroy de Lelle, Céline Vaz, Charlotte Vorms
  • L’âge des métapoles / François Ascher; preface de Alain Bourdin
  • Languages and publics: the making of authority / edited by Susan Gal and Kathryn A. Woolard
  • Migration and new media: transnational families and polymedia / Mirca Madianou and Daniel Miller
  • Music and urban geography / Adam Krims
  • Pulgarcita / por Michel Serres; (traducción, Alfonso Díez)
  • Razón y ciudad: (Exposición, Museo ICO del 21 de junio al 15 de septiembre de 2013) / Manolo Laguillo; (comisario, Valentín Roma)
  • Reproducing gender: politics, publics and everyday life after socialism / Susan Gal and Gail Kligman, editors
  • Tales from Facebook / Daniel Miller
  • Tensions of empire: colonial cultures in a bourgeois world / edited by Frederick Cooper, Ann Laura Stoler
  • The commercialization of intimate life: notes from home and work / Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • The politics of gender after socialism: a comparative-historical essay / Susan Gal and Gail Kligman
  • Vers une société des agendas: une mutation des temporalities / Jean- Pierre Boutinet
  • Webcan / Daniel Miller and Jolynna Sinanan

Octubre 2014

  • Of time and the city DVD. Autor Terence Davies
  • Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares
  • Urbanized. Autor Gary Hustwit
  • Yearbook for traditional music

Septiembre 2014

  • Art gangs: protest and counterculture in New York City / Alan W. Moore
  • Hominid culture in primate perspective / Duane Quiatt and Junichiro Itana, editors
  • L’empire de la compassion / Paul Audi
  • Understanding behavior: what primate studies tell us about human behavior / edited by James D. Loy and Calvin B. Peters

Julio 2014

  • Epistemologías del Sur (perspectivas) / boaventura de Sousa Santos, María Paula Meneses (eds.)
  • Mártires del siglo XX en España: 11 santos y 1512 beatos / Vicente Cárcel Orti; prólogo de Juan Antonio Martínez Camino
  • Non-Western perspectives on learning and knowing / Sharan B. Merriam and associates
  • The encultured brain: an introduction to neuroanthropology / edited by Daniel H. Lende and Greg Downey

Junio 2014

  • Dog behavior, evolution and cognition / Ádám Miklósi
  • Good natured: the origins of right and wrong in humans and other animals / Frans de Waal
  • Inside of a dog: what dogs see, smell and know / Alexandra Horowitz
  • Kinship and behavior in primates / edited by Bernanrd Chapais, Carol M. Berman
  • Language evolution / edited by Morten H: Christiansen, Simon Kirby
  • Primeval kinship: how pair-bonding grave birth to human society / Bernard Chapais
  • Self-awaresess in animals and humans: developmental perspectives / edited by Sue Taylor Parker, Robert W. Mitchell and Maria L. Boccia
  • The creation of inequality: how our prehistoric ancestors set the stage for monarchy, slavery, and empire / Kent Flannery, Joyce Marcus
  • The gap: the science of what separates us from other animals / Thomas Suddendorf
  • The origins of language: what nonhuman primates can tell us / edited by Barbara J. King
  • Warless societies and the origin of war / Raymond C. Kelly
  • What´s a dog for?: the surprising history, science, philosophy, and politics of man´s best friend / John Homans
  • Why we love: the nature and chemistry of romantic love / Helen Fisher
  • Wolves: behavior, ecology, and conservation / edited by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani

Mayo 2014

  • Casseroles, amour et crises: ce que cuisiner veut dire / Jean-Claude Kaufmann
  • El Potlatch Digital: Wikipedia y el triunfo del procomún y el conocimiento compartido / José Felipe Ortega; Joaquín Rodríguez López
  • Jerome Bruner: language, cultura, self / edited by David Bakhurst and Stuart G. Shanker
  • La mujer y la madre: un libro polémico sobre la maternidad como nueva forma de esclavitud / Elisabeth Badinter
  • Multiculturalismo, interculturalidad y diversidad en educación. Una aproximación antropológica / Gunther Dietz
  • Pachamana, los opus y los “dioses de los blancos”: un ciclo anual festivo de los Andes del Perú / texto y fotografías de Ángela Brachetti-Tschohl
  • Segregaciones y construcción de la diferencia en la escuela / Francisco Javier García Castaño, Antonia Olmos Alcaraz, eds.

Abril 2014

  • An aesthetic education in the era of globalization / Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
  • Reziproke Räume. Texte zu kulturanthropologie und Architektur Manfred Omahna, Johanna Rolshove
  • Una disciplina, cuatro caminos: Antropología británica, alemana, francesa y estadounidense / Frederik Barth…(et al.)

Marzo 2014

  • Global woman: nannies, maids, and sex workers in the new economy / Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild, editors
  • Home and work: negotiating boundaries through everyday life / Christena E. Nippert-Eng.
  • Islands of privacy / Christena Nippert-Eng
  • L’étrange histoire de l’amour heureux / Jean-Claude Kaufmann
  • La femme suele et le prince charmant: enquéte sur la vie en solo / Jean-Claude Kaufmann
  • Smile or die: how positive thinking fooled America and world / Barbara Ehrenreich
  • The outsourced self: what happens when we pay others to live our lives for us / Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • The time bind: when work becomes home and home becomes work / Arlie Russell Hochschild

Febrero 2014

  • PIERRE Nora en “les lieux de mémoire” / Pierre Nora; traducido del francés por Laura Masello; (prólogo de José Rilla)

Diciembre 2013

  • Vivir en el centro histórico de Bogotá: patrimonio construido y actores urbanos / Thierry Lulle, Amparo de Urbina, Carlos A. Moreno, Juan F. Pinill, Laura Llinás, Óscar A. Alfonso, María Clara van der Hammen, Gina P. Sierra, Dolly C. Palacio y Luis A. Forero

Octubre 2013

  • Antropología: Lecturas / Paul Bohannan, Mark Glazer (intr.)
  • Introducción a la Antropología general / Marvin Harris
  • The story of the human body: evolution, health, and disease / Daniel Lieberman

Septiembre 2013

  • Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares

Julio 2013

  • Genesis of symbolic thought / Alan Barnard
  • Human; the science behind what makes your brain unique / Michael S. Gazzaniga
  • I am a strange loop / Douglas R. Hofstadter
  • Lo urbano en 20 autores contemporáneos / Françoise Choay… (et al.); Editor, Ángel Martín Ramos
  • Not by genes alone: how culture transformed human evolution / Peter J. Richerson and Robert Boyd
  • Social anthropology and human origins / Alan Barnard
  • Social brain, distributed mind / edited by Robin Dunbar, Clive Gamble, John Gowlett
  • The magic ofreality: how we know what´s really true / Richard Dawkins; illustrated by Dave Mckean
  • The mind: leading scientists explore the brain, memory, personality, and happiness / edited by John Brockman
  • The organization of attachment relationships: maturation, cultura, and context / edited by Patricia McKinsey, Angelika Hartl Claussen

Junio 2013

  • Arqueología del lenguaje: la conducta simbólica en el Paleolítico / Ángel Rivera Arrizabalaga
  • Comment parler des libres que lón ná pas lus? / Pierre Bayard
  • Economis morales contemporaines / sous la direction de Didier Fassin, Jean-Sébastien Eideliman
  • Exercices de style / Raymond Queneau
  • Figueres de la ville et construction des savoir: architecture, urbanisme, géographie / sous la direction de Fréderic Pousin
  • Homo urbanus: essai sur lúrbanisation du monde et des moeurs
  • L´Homme spatial: la construcción sociales de léspace humain / Nichel Lussault
  • La ville et lúrbain: des savoirs émergents: textes offerts à Jean-Bernard Racine / ouvrage coordonné par Antonio da Cuna et Laurent Matthey
  • Láffaire du chien des Baskerville / Pierre Bayard
  • Le plagiat par anticipation / Pierre Bayard
  • Léxpérience sociales du quotidien: corps, espace, temps / Monique Haicault, Marie-Blanche Tahon
  • Pour une anthropologie de léspace / Françoise Choay
  • Poverty and place: ghettos, barrios, and the American city / Paul A. Jargowsky
  • Qui est “je”?: sociologie clinique du sujet / Vincent de Gaulejac

Mayo 2013

  • Cypherpunks: freedm and the future of the Internet / Julian Assange
  • ¿Derecho a la vivienda?: miradas críticas a las políticas de vivienda / Socorro Pérez-Rincón y Rosa Tello i Robira (eds.)
  • Domesticity at war / Beatriz Colomina
  • El habitar y la cultura: perspectivas teóricas y de investigación / Angela Giglia
  • Franz Kafka: éléments pour une théorie de la création littéraire / Bernard Lahire
  • Hacia un concepto ampliado de trabajo: del concepto clásico al no clásico / Enrique de la Garza Toledo
  • L´empire du traumatisme: enquête sur la condition de victime / Didier Fassin, Richard Rechtman
  • La privation de líntime: mises en scéne politiques des sentiments / Michael Foessel
  • La raison scolaire: école et prtiques d´écriture, entre savoir et pouvoir / Bernard Lahire
  • Le spectateur émancipé / Jacques Rancière
  • Lo íntimo y lo público: una tensión de la cultura política europea / José-Miguel Marinas, coord.
  • Regulating the poor: the functions of public welfare / Frances Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward
  • The souls of black folk / W.E.B. Du bois, edited with an introduction and notes by Brent Hayes Edwards
  • The urban mosaic: towards a theory of residential differentiation / Duncan Timms

Abril 2013

  • A sociology of immigration: (Re)making Multifaceted America / Ewa Morawske
  • Alltagsorte in der Stadtregion: Atlas experimenteller Kartographie / Andrea Benze
  • Artifical hells: participatory art and the politics of spectatorship / Claire Bishop
  • Cities and the creative class / Richard Florida
  • Cosmopolíticas: perspectivas antropológicas / Edición de Montserrat Cañedo Rodríguez
  • Decline, renewal and the city in popular music culture: beyond the Beatles / Sara Cohen
  • Europäisch-ethnologisches Forschen: Neue Methoden und Konzepte / Herausgegeben von Sabine Hess, Johannes Moser, María Schwertl
  • Kulturelle Übersetzungen / herausgegeben von Anika Keinz, Klaus Schönberger und Vera Wolff
  • Living as form: socially engaged art from 1991-2011 / edited by Nato Thompson
  • Privacy and publicity: modern architecture as mass media / Beatriz Colomina
  • Sexing the groove: popular music and gender / edited by Sheila Whitely
  • The social psychology of gender: how power and intimacy shape gender relations / Laurie A. Rudman, Peter Glick
  • The transnational studies reader: intersections and innovations / Sanjeev Khagram and Peggy Levitt, editors
  • Troubling gender: youth and cumbia in Argentina´s music scene / Pablo Vila and Pablo Semán with contributions by Eloisa Martin and Maria Julia Carozzi
  • Visual methodologies: an introduction to researching with visual materials / Gillian Rose

Marzo 2013

  • Bordados / Marjane Satrapi

Febrero 2013

  • Yearbook for traditional music

Enero 2013

  • Heterotopia and the city: public space in a postcivil society / edited by Michiel Dehaene&Lieven De Cauter

Diciembre 2012

  • Comunidades de muerte/ Jesús Casquete (editor)
  • Políticas de la muerte: abusos del ritual fúnebre en la Europa del siglo XX / Jesús Casquete y Rafael Cruz (eds.)

Noviembre 2012

  • En el corazón de la zona gris: una lectura etnográfica de los campos de Auschiwitz / Paz Moreno Feliú

Octubre 2012

  • Antropología política. Temas contemporáneos / Montserrat Cañedo y Aurora Marquina, eds
  • Encrucijadas antropológicas / Paz Moreno Feliú
  • Introducción a la antropología política / Ted C. Lewellen
  • Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares

Septiembre 2012

  • Antropología feminista / Lourdes Méndez
  • Beyond aesthetics: art and the technologies of enchantment / edited by Christopher Pinney and Nicholas Thomas
  • The anthropology of art: a reader / edited by Howard Morphy and Morgan Perkins 

Junio 2012

  • Die vervoliständigte. Historia de los mexicanos por sus pinturas / Peter Tschohl; ed. Crítica Angela Barbara Bracheti
  • En busca de respeto: vendiendo crack en Harlem / Philippe Bourgois ( traducción de Fernando Moreno Castrillo)
  • España, año cero: la construcción simbólica del franquismo / Zira Box
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Seeking spatial justice / Edward W. Soja
  • The political lives of dead bodies: reburial and postsocialist change / Katherine Verdery
  • Thirdspace: journeys to Los Angeles and other real-and-imagined places / Edward W. Soja
  • Yearbook for traditional music

Mayo 2012

  • Antropología económica: nuevas tendencias / Susana Narotzky (traducción Elizabeth Casals)
  • Apersistência da história: pasado e contemporaneidade em Africa 8 coordenadores, Clara Carvalho, Joâo de Pina Cabral
  • Yearbbok for traditional music

Abril 2012

  • Antropología política: temas contemporáneos / Montserrat Cañedo Rodríguez y Aurora Marquina Espinosa (eds.)
  • Cuerpo y espacio: símbolos y metáforas, representación y expresividad en las culturas / Honorio M. Velasco Maíllo
  • El bosque de las Gracias y sus pasatiempos: raíces de la antropología económica / Paz Moreno Feliú
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Etnographer’s toolkit / Jean J. Schensul, Margaret D. LeCompte, eds.
  • Realizing community: concepts, social relationships and sentiments / edited by Vered Amit
  • The Trouble with community: anthropological reflections on movement, identity and collectivity / Vered  Amit and Nigel Rapport

Febrero 2012

  • Africa’s world war : Congo, the Rwandan genocide, and the making of a continental catastrophe / Prunier, Gerard 
  • Participation / edited by Claire Bishop 
  • The roots of African conflicts : the causes & costs / edited by Alfred Nhema& Paul TiyambeZeleza