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Necessary documentation

General documentation required

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In all cases, students should provide the following documentation:

• Copy of the identification card from the country of origin or of passport. This card or passport should be the same as that used in the application.
• Application payment receipt.

For the application for Specific Competency Exams, it is only necessary to provide the required documentation from the previous section.
For the application for language competency accreditation, students should provide a certified copy of the degree or diploma that accredits the level of competencies acquired for the requested language. Certificates or diplomas that are admitted for this service are those approved by the Association of Higher Level Language Centres. These certificates may be consulted at the following , link, in the section Tablas de certificados admitidos por ACLES
For more information on translations, legalizations and certifications, consult the following link.

Specific documentation for EU Students or those from countries with reciprocity agreements complying with the requirements established for University admission in their country of origin

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• Students with studies that are equivalent to the Bachillerato (Annex I of the Regulation)

• Students in possession of degrees, diplomas or certificates accrediting the completion of their professional studies which, in their educational system of origin, permit university admission

• Students possessing different degrees, diplomas or studies that comply with the university admissions requirements in their country of origin.

Specific documentation for students who comply with the requirements to obtain homologation of their studies to the Spanish Bachillerato

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For the request of verification of compliance with the admissions requirement and the calculation of the admissions score, the following documentation should be provided:

• Certified copy of homologation to the Spanish Bachillerato degree. At the time of formalizing the request, accreditation of the homologation of foreign degrees to the Spanish Bachillerato, via documentation issued by the competent organism, should be provided. In the absence of the previous, present the original copy of the accrediting homologation request, in which case the accreditation shall be provisional until the delivery of the corresponding homologation. For information on the homologation procedure for the Bachillerato degree, consult the following link.
• Original academic transcript or certified copy of the same, translated and legalized (when required) for the scores obtained during the past two years of secondary studies. For information on the translation, legalization and certification procedures, consult the following link.

From this link you can check the required documentation and recognition of subjects made for different educational systems and types of studies