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Steps to follow

1º Consult with the University in which you wish to initiate studies

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• Contact the University where you hope to initiate your university studies in order to be informed of its admissions criteria. Verify that this University is ascribed to the UNEDasiss system in the following link.

• In the case of degrees with limited offers, know what courses serve to improve your university admissions score. For the courses that the university has established, you should take a PCE and/or request recognition of the course if it has been taken in your educational system and as long as the destination university accepts this recognition based on its admission criteria.

• Consult with the university if you need to request any other accreditation service such as admissions score, Bachillerato mode or language accreditation. If the university does not consider these admissions criteria, they do not need to be included in your request.

2º Prepare all necessary documentation

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• For students in the European Union or educational systems having reciprocity agreements, the general documentation includes:

- Certified copy of the academic transcripts from the past two course years.
- Certified copy of the document accrediting admissions to the university in the educational system of origin.

• For the remainder of students, general documentation includes the following:

- Certified copy of academic transcripts from the last two pre-university course years.
- Document accrediting homologation of studies to the Spanish Bachillerato or receipt of having requested it.
- If the documents are in a language other than Spanish, they must be translated.

• For more detailed information, consult the Necessary Documentation section.

3º Complete the on-line application

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• To request accreditation that will permit access to the universities ascribed to the UNEDasiss system, fill out the on-line application which appears in the section My Web space, at the following link.

• Remember that your request should be paid in order to be processed. You may make payment online using the same request application. If you have any difficulties in making the payment, send an email to unedasiss@adm.uned.es

4º Send the necessary documentation

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• For the management of your request, send or deliver the necessary documentation to UNEDasiss. View the means for sending or delivering the documentation at this link.

• Communications regarding the management of your request shall be sent by email, therefore you should frequently check your email account appearing on your application. Please also review your spam folder.

5º Request registration at the recipient university

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• The admissions request should be made at the destination university or universities within the periods established for the same. Even if your accreditation request has not been resolved, remember to complete the admissions request within this period.

• The destination university shall access your accreditation through our on-line system.