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Dpto. de Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la ciencia
UNED. Humanidades
Paseo de Senda del rey 7
28040 Madrid

Tf.. (34) 91 398 83 92

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Lunes:   16-20
Martes: 11-14 | 16-20

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David Teira

Ph.D. University College London | Associate professor [Profesor titular]

Cv (January 2014) | Papers

Investigación | Research...

[Specialization] History and philosophy of statistics: I am now working on the role of impartiality in the design and interpretation  of clinical trials. I have also worked on the epistemological implications of the statistical techniques applied in early demand theory and their impact on Milton Friedman's methodological stance. Now and then I work on the early history of probability (the Bernoullis) 

[Competence] I have also done some research on analytical Marxism and taught general courses on Economic methodology, Ethics and Economics, Philosophy of the Social Sciences and History of Science. 

[Research projects] Currently leading the research project "Biases in experiments with humans in the social and biomedical sciences" funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science.

Docencia y Gestión| Teaching & Admin ...

[OpenTextBook] Filosofía de las ciencias sociales (2013)

[OpenCourseWare] Filosofía de las ciencias sociales

[Gestión]:  Director del Departamento | Head of Department

Previous positions | He sido profesor anteriormente en: Universidad Europea de Madrid (Dpto. de Humanidades: 2001-2003), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Dpto. de Economía: 2001-2003), Universidad de Salamanca (Dpto. de Filosofía: 2003-2005)

Visiting fellowships: Chaire Hoover UCL (1997), CAMS-EHESS (1997, 1999, 2000), CPNSS-LSE (2007-2008), Wellcome trust Centre for the History of Medicine (2009) | European School of Molecular Medicine (2013)


Research associate of the Urrutia Elejalde Foundation

Consulting editor: THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science

Organizing committee: New Philosophy of the Social Sciences (2006), Social norms (2008), INEM 2008, Winter workshop series, Philosophy of medicine roundtable (2009, 2011) 

Premios: Premio extraordinario de licenciatura (UNED 1996), Premio extraordinario de  doctorado (UNED 2003), Premio a la mejor tesis doctoral (2001-2003) de la Sociedad de Lógica, Metodología y Filosofía de la ciencia en España, Beca José Castillejo (2007), Premio Joven Investigador UNED-Banco de Santander (2008), Finalista Premios OCW Universia 2010

"Cómo publicar en revistas de filosofía": un vídeo para doctorandos (2013)