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Course 2022-2023 / FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS



This master's degree is conceived as an academic training and initiation to research in Advanced Physics, complementary to undergraduate studies in Physics. Students can establish their own curricular lines, according to their expectations, being advised by the Master's tutor assigned by the Coordination Committee.

The Master's Degree in Advanced Physics is a postgraduate program of 60 ECTS credits, with five modules and three specialties: Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics, and Fluid Physics. More than 20 professors and researchers with recognized teaching and research experience in the areas of the different subjects of the degree guarantee its quality.

The social demand for research in the area covered by the Master's Degree in Advanced Physics is very notable, which undoubtedly has an impact on the sustainability of the degree. This demand is evidenced by the repercussion in the media of the news on the applications of neural networks, data science, advances in the discovery of new elementary particles such as the Higgs Boson, artificial intelligence, or the very worrying climate change. The mathematical methodologies and techniques learned in this master's degree, in addition to applications to physical systems, can be used in a wide range of disciplines, such as sociology, climatology and economics. Many of the big questions posed by researchers and citizens, such as those mentioned above, correspond to some of the research lines in which the student is initiated in the Master in Advanced Physics and in which the researchers assigned that participate in it work actively.